Rootstack seeks for the transformation of internal processes and document management with Alfresco

June 18, 2021


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![enter image description here](https://cms.rootstack.comhttps://cms.rootstack.com/sites/default/files/blog/img/digital2.jpg) Document management is one of the most significant concerns in companies, not only because it maintains all the company's information about processes, services, products acquired, confidential customer information, accounting management, etc. But for the time invested in each management and massive amount of documents that are handled daily with the danger of being lost, deteriorated or lack of clarity. In **Rootstack** we know the importance of the internal processes of a direct way next to the fulfillment of the documentary management of each company. We have worked with multiple document managers and along with tools that contribute to the automation of processes adapted to our customers, we manage and recommend [Alfresco.](https://www.alfresco.com/) Hand in hand with the **multiple benefits provided by Alfresco** with a direct access, updated and available anywheres we can define why, functionalities and end use of a tool dedicated to structuring business documents safely. ---------- ##Why implement a document manager? Many companies still handle paper documents, but they are lost, duplicated or in poor condition within multiple files that are housed in a specific part of the office. To perform the search for a single document you must invest time to find the exact information either on a customer's account statement, past years contracts or other management performed internally. By implementing a system focused on document management you can **see immediate results** in the productivity of your team and quality management with each document. You will be able to categorize, group by tags and filter the access on each document, the user will be able to make quick edits at the same time that another user queries the same document. ---------- ##What daoes [Alfresco](https://www.alfresco.com/) offer to your company? **Alfresco Community** is a open source document management tool. It stores all the documents in a single database giving a **greater visibility on the processes** and work done in the company **maximizing the value of the content** It has multiple functionalities that can be adapted to your business effectively, within what you could offer your company are: - **User management** - The administrator can easily and effectively manage users with a simple **creation, editing and administration.** You will be able to create roles and assign permissions on each user access when you need it. - **User interface** - The simplicity and ease of the user interface plays an important role since most users do not have extensive knowledge in technology. Each user will be able to search, create and update content on documents in an effective way and in the **minimum time required.** - **Document digitalization** - We know that the process of digitization tends to be long and complicated, but next to Alfresco you will be able to carry out this process without difficulty and the need for manual document loading. With the help of Alfresco and integration with your scanner **you can quickly scan all your documents.** - **Mobile access** - Alfresco has a **mobile application** exclusively for the use of its users available in a single click and with the same functionalities as the web version. From a meeting or event, the user may edit or upload new documents with **immediate availability to other users.** - **Processes** - An additional advantage provided by Alfresco besides from document management is the **structuring of internal processes** that involve documents. With this tool you could **create processes** with approval phases or flows that involve more than one department within the company. **For example,** to generate a process within your messaging company the sales user would create a quote, after loading to the system the accounting user would be notified to generate the invoice and then send the document to the manager responsible for approving the collection, fulfilling a flow of customer collection and billing **optimal, personalized and in time.* ---------- ##Benefits of Alfresco - **Data Security** - **Personalization of documents** - **Control version** - **Easy access** - **Increase the productivity of the team** - **New communication channel** - **Standardization of documents** - **Optimal processes** - **Masive uploads of documents in a single click** ---------- The purpose of document managers, especially Alfresco, is to **increase productivity with efficient processes** that contribute to the **final operation** of the client by allowing our employees to share and edit information **simultaneously.** With the implementation of this tool you will be able to **centralize your documents and facilitate access** to each of them in a **fast and safe way.**