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May 25, 2022

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Those who are not very familiar with programming languages ​​or software development may find these topics a bit abstract. Surely you have heard of Python, but we are also sure that you do not know very well what it is or what can be achieved with it. Well look: the fact that you can use platforms like Netflix, Spotify, Facebook and Instagram, to name just a few, is thanks to the versatility of Python.


Python has an impact on a lot of specialties in the technology industry, explained Facundo García Martoni in a technical talk at Platzi. For example, with Python you can build a backend, which is responsible for building the logic of an application.


It is also useful in computer security: “If we have ever wanted to become white layer hackers, protectors of a company's computer security, Python is a good idea because we can build different scripts (...) that automate things. in this field, which allow us to protect this equipment effectively”. 


In the Internet of Things, the Python programming language is also useful, it also brings benefits if you are going to work with Data Science. "Python is very present because it is the language that has the largest number of libraries and resources built by the community," added Platzi's specialist.


Why has Python become so popular in recent years?


"It is a multipurpose language, that is, you can use this language to create different types of things, to work in different types of sectors within development," said YouTuber Víctor Robles, developer and specialist in the technology area.




Primary uses of Python


Command line application development 


“It is a language in which we are going to be working very commonly in making applications, procedures for the command line. Many system administrators use Python to make a script that launches X task, to carry out procedures to copy files from one place to another, a very common thing is to make deploy themes”, he explained.


Web development


Regarding web development, Víctor Robles highlighted the benefits offered by the Django framework: "There are two frameworks for creating web applications, Django, it is super powerful, one of the best frameworks, because it has a lot of code already done, it makes you very easy to develop complete applications with them (...)”.


“There is another micro framework called Flask, it will allow us to do web development. This is one of the main uses that Python has, to focus on the backend language, the language to do web development”, he added.




Web scraping


Scraping is a very useful practice that can also be done with Python without complications:


“It's taking information from different internet sites and collating it into one site to do certain functionality. For example, make an insurance comparator, because perhaps what that insurance comparator does is scrape those different insurance websites, copy those offers and that information they have and bring it to your own website and have a comparator of all the insurers (...) in the end, it is a script that can be done with Python using Python libraries and take it to a web format”.




Data Science and Data Visualization


For companies, one of the most precious assets is data, the information that can help them make better decisions and boost their businesses. With Python you can “study the data you have, perform operations and extract the required information. Libraries like Pandas, NumPy help you extract information”, they detailed in an Edureka article.


“You can even visualize data libraries like Matplotlib, Seaborn, which are useful for plotting graphs and much more. This is what Python offers you to become a Data Scientist”, they added.


Business applications


On the Python website, they point out that this programming language is also used to build ERP systems and e-commerce platforms. For example, Python was used to build Odoo, and it is an ERP software that offers companies a set of modules to manage all areas of a business.


Machine Learning


“Python is widely thought to be the best programming language for Artificial Intelligence (AI) because its syntax is simple and quickly learned. When it comes to machine learning, the brainstorming platform Towards Data Science tells us that 57% of data scientists and machine learning developers use Python, with 33% prioritizing it for development.” , they limited in Code Institute.


Advantages of using Python


  • Simplicity. "Python's English-like syntax makes it easy to learn and read, and unlike other languages, it uses simple line breaks instead of symbols to define blocks of code," Code Academy argued in an article.
  • "Helps speed up development, with built-in classes and functions and a wide selection of libraries that make writing code faster and easier," they added in the same article.
  • As an interpreted language, "you can run and test your code immediately after writing it without an intermediate build process."
  • It is very versatile and cross-platform, which means you can write and run Python code on any operating system.




The possibilities with Python are endless. There are many areas that you can work with this programming language, so we highly recommend it for your projects. According to figures published by Stack Overflow, at least two thirds of developers currently use this programming language.


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