The skills you need to start your e-commerce business

May 12, 2022

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Having an e-commerce is no longer a goal of the future, it is one of the present. The pandemic pushed companies to launch into the digital world even faster since, with confinement, all people ended up making their purchases and transactions online, without leaving home. And the business that did not have an e-commerce was left behind, with millionaire losses and with its products not circulating.


That's why, if you don't have it, it's time to create an e-commerce for your traditional business. And, if you have it, it's time to maintain it to enhance its operation and the experience you offer your customers. 


The growth of e-commerce around the world


The rise of e-commerce today is unstoppable. Global e-commerce retail sales revenue in 2021 was US$3,284,927 and in 2025, Statista estimates that this figure may rise to US$4,230,885 by 2025. So developing an e-commerce today is a guarantee of earnings and productivity in the future.


In addition, according to a report shared on the Thrive My Way portal, electronic commerce "will represent more than 6.5 billion dollars in sales by 2023, which represents 22% of retail sales worldwide." In fact, in 2020, US consumers spent 44% more than in previous years on online purchases, clearly indicating that consumption and shopping patterns are changing, and perhaps forever, thanks to the Internet.


Currently, there are more than 26 million e-commerce sites around the world and yours can be included in this list, to increase your online presence and that your products or services have a greater reach.




But, of course, to have an e-commerce it is not enough to just want it. It is not a project that can be completed overnight. The process of creating an e-commerce involves, first, being clear about the concept of your online store: what do you want to sell, what is your target audience, what is the structure you want for your store. You have to choose the platform on which you want to host your website, create the web design, configure it according to your needs.


Many times companies have a technological or digital team that is in charge of these tasks but, when they do not have one, the best decision is to hire a technological partner that has the equipment, tools and expertise necessary to shape that project. What do you have in mind.


Skills you need to create an e-commerce


Creating an e-commerce is not about creating any web page and that's it, necessary and specific profiles and skills are needed so that each detail of the platform is created in the most functional way for the business.


There are a series of skills that are mandatory, highlights Mayank Pratap, co-founder and CEO at, recognizing that many companies today are struggling to find a good team of developers to create their platforms.


She also suggested that these skills are the most necessary when creating an e-commerce platform:


  • User experience design
  • Web design
  • front end development
  • Back end development
  • SEO content writing
  • website testing
  • Analysis of data
  • Digital marketing
  • Online advertising / Google Ads
  • SEO


In the Quora forum, they also highlighted the importance of having a good programmer on hand, who has full knowledge and experience of how programming languages ​​work. Even better if you are proficient in Java, HTML and CSS. Also Python and Ruby on Rails.


SEO and Copywriting


Why is this one of the most important skills? Because they will help the organic growth of your e-commerce and will enhance its positioning in search engines such as Google. "Exceptional text on your website can make the difference between a visitor and a customer," he explained in an article published by Entrepreneur.




As for SEO, search engine optimization is very profitable when it comes to attracting users to your e-commerce. Improving SEO is essential. You must have experts in technical SEO, but also in marketing-oriented SEO, to help you define the keywords of your business and thus climb in Google search rankings.


Web design and UX user experience design


Having a good web designer is one of the fundamental pillars, since he will create all the graphic part of your website. It will define how your e-commerce will look to the public. You will be responsible for the user experience that your clients and potential clients have, so you cannot skimp on expenses in this aspect.




“Designers must have as a priority to create a tool that is easy to use and convenient for the user (...) it must be easy to use, so that the user learns to use the system quickly and intuitively, it must also be efficient, allowing the user to improve their productivity when using it”, explained the designer Keren Ramírez-Acosta in an article published in the magazine Tecnología en Marcha.


Analysis of data


Through data analysis, you will be able to see how your customers and users behave on your website, and that is possible thanks to a Google Analytics expert. This profile will help you understand the data of your e-commerce, where they visit your portal from, in which countries or cities they buy your products. All this will give you tools to create more effective promotion and sales strategies.




Soft-skills are also necessary


 You must be clear that not only technical skills are important to create a website, there are also soft-skills that are essential for the project to be carried out successfully.


Have the right mindset


When you are clear about what you want to do and achieve in the project, everything will flow better. “With a great mindset, we must take responsibility for every action we take on a daily basis. It will have a massive impact on your long-term success. We need to stop making excuses, avoid tricks and tricks, and stay focused on what we do”, they emphasized on the Do Dropshipping portal.


Time management


During the development of an e-commerce, the multiple tasks involved can easily disperse a team. Therefore, it is very important that each member knows how to manage their time very well, to stay focused and meet the proposed goals. Focus on the most important and thus develop the tasks in order of priority.


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