Software delivery best practices

July 28, 2022

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software delivery


Software development is one of the most common practices today, as we live in a world immersed in technology, part of our daily lives. Companies need to have a presence on the web and make attractive pages and applications for their customers or users. For this, they turn to agencies or software companies that help them carry out their technological projects.


When the project is ready, it must be delivered to the client for a first test and subsequent approval. This precise process is known as software delivery, one of the most important in the overall creation of an application or website.


“Software delivery is the entire process of bringing a software product to customers, from conceptualization, through development, to purchase and installation of the product license. In most cases, the term refers to the beginning of the process, that is, to the series of steps that the different teams of the company follow to prepare the software for its implementation in the client. In some cases, the term refers to how the customer accesses the product. explained on the Thales portal.


Practices for better software delivery


Focus on business goals


The objective of the product must be clear, cover all the needs of the client and follow this guide throughout the software development process. When approaching a technology company for the project, it should start with a clear discussion of business goals and a shared understanding of how to meet them.


Have an agile approach


This is a method designed to have a constant evolution of the product, providing evidence from all interested parties within the production cycle. Instead of leaving the creative, business, and marketing aspects of the team out of the loop until the core code is complete, their insights are used to shape that development.


software delivery


Have a fast development


Fast delivery of software is something that many companies look for when they decide to hire an agency to help them solve their problem. We live in a market in constant movement so waiting an extra week can be detrimental and changes to the website or the application may have to be made. Also, a long development cycle means investing more time and money.


Do tests


Harness detailed the importance of this practice, saying “It goes without saying that robust testing is the cornerstone of delivering quality software. In the current year, it is still not uncommon for the majority of test applications to occur in the QA delivery phase. As part of the larger left shift mindset, writing and running tests is just as important to software engineering as writing your application source code.”


With this in mind, software delivery must be agile and always keep in mind the business objectives, in addition to taking into account everything that the client requests for their website or application. The developer must be fast, and be able to quickly create the product and deliver it in order to have time to correct errors that may arise during the testing phase.


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