Stop being tied up to a desktop, focus on the use of mobile apps

June 18, 2021


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![enter image description here](https://cms.rootstack.com As we mentioned after, the first and last thing users use on the day are their phones, whether it's reading emails, sending messages, check the weather, playing games, listening to music or watching their statements, using business applications focused on services that they maintain or view general notifications. The challenge we have as a company is to provide tools that achieve an optimum interest in users, with attractive and innovative features, improving the quality of our services and loyalty to our customers with the full use of our application. But, **How do we get a successful application?** We live in a constantly changing world, especially in technology. The active competition in the market increases every day, the orientation of our resources should be directed to strategies of customer retention and standing out from the competition. In this blog we will mention advanced functionalities that could be implemented in your company, 100% focused on customer service and process automation. - **Booking management** If you have a tourism or entertainment company you can develop a mobile application so that users from the comfort of their home navigate the options of hotels, tickets, films, among others. Select a date and see the payment options that the company offers. Finally, make a payment by a credit card and then, a receipt of payment or reservation will be sent by email. If at the time the user wishes to change the date or add new rooms, by their access as a client requests the changes automatically. As a company, you can update the database and notify the booking agent of the change that the user wants to make. The application would send a new notification to the mail. On the other hand, if the company is focused on messaging, the client through the mobile application could request the service, attach images of the packages, through geolocation selects the pick-up and delivery address. Once the delivery agent looks for the package, the user would have access to a "tracking" to see the status of the service. When the package in the stipulated time is delivered, it could qualify the service and send comments to the company. - **Online store** Like e-commerce stores you will have the option of developing a mobile application dedicated to selling products or services through catalogs. The user next to his profile, will be able to select, save and buy products of your company. It will have a history of purchases and as a company you can keep their interests, send promotional codes, related articles and sending automatic notifications to the customer's email as a point of communication and loyalty plan. - **Geolocation** Within the mobile applications and as an advantage over a web application can request access to the location of users and with this, provide tools related to their services. For example, within the food and beverage industry could have an application as an assistance to the user in locating restaurants, bars or places by categories. As in a transport company, the user could calculate the service tariff by selecting the start and end point. This type of personalized and unique functionality for your business will be able to retain its customers through a necessary tool available at all times designed to meet the users expectations and functions with the company. **Do you have a mobile idea but do not know how to develop it? [Contact us!]( "Contact us!")**