Tips for CTOs about APIs in a company

June 18, 2021

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1. Build for today, but prepare for tomorrow

Today's web, mobile and desktop solutions must be agile so an organization can achieve automation / integration, which is why for medium and large organizations, it is more scalable to create RestFull solutions that are interconnected by APIs to achieve a more structured flow of processes and easier to manage, in turn allowing them to be agile and able to adapt to changes

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This is why Mulesoft and us as Rootstack (Mulesoft partner), believe that getting an organization to be oriented to API services, allows in the medium term to achieve striking goals within different channels of an organization.

2. Plan your API as a product

It is necessary that the organization identify its components and then validate it to be materialized via APIs. The validation is done by continuous feedback from the team where they can be identified as an endpoint and reused for multiple objectives.

3. Be agile in an organization from day 1

Agility to respond to customer feedback is key. Teams must be able to make deploys of beta versions, pivot on a solution and be able to make changes without having to fall into an organizational chaos.

Companies with agile products think in terms of modules, by-products and functionalities that can be compounded, decomposed, changed and recomposed, so that it is possible to implement solutions in an ecosystem of APIs is fundamental.

4. Collaborate to reduce technical debt

When an entire team collaborates from executives to Devops, it allows an increase in the life cycle of each component of an API, from the design of the API, orchestration of the logic, to the queries to the database. In turn, it enables product developers to experiment, plan and test software focused on the connectivity of APIs to ensure that best practices are achieved / adopted.

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By practicing collaboration at scale, it gives way to secure products with good architecture and good quality.

**If you would like to know more information on solutions-oriented to APIs, ESB'S or integrations, do not hesitate to contact us.

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