Tips to make your app last forever

June 18, 2021


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Technology is not something static, it is constantly changing and once it is decided to develop an app a series of challenges will be faced, such as advertising, downloads, support problems, among others... The launch of an app in the market and positioning it among so many options that currently exist is only the beginning in the world of mobile applications. Currently, many apps have negative comments about their performance, intrusion, data consumption and general instability. Analysis of markets indicate that a gan percentage of mobile applications are uninstalled in less than a week since their installation due to malfunction. As a company, we must foresee being part of these statistics by placing the users' experience first. However, if your app is in perfect operation at the end of the development, you should not stop constantly evaluating its behavior. Returning to the premise that technology is constantly changing and that we must monitor the behavior of our app, Rootstack has some tips to keep your mobile application in time: - Apply constant maintenance to the app based on feedback in order to meet the needs of the user - Be alert to possible flaws and / or errors of the app to solve quickly and effectively. - Deploy optimizations to the mobile application in order to provide new features and more features to users. The idea of a mobile app is to make sure the company is positioned in a positive way in the market and the way to keep that is that the app grows.