Top 5 industries that benefit from the support of an IT staffing agency

July 07, 2022

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The evolution of technology and the irruption of new tools every day, has made the business landscape very changeable. The needs of users and the market in general are changing and businesses practically have to run to update and catch up with the demands of their customers. For this reason, many industries have sought support from an IT staffing agency.


The lack of qualified personnel is one of the problems that companies face, regardless of the industry. It also happens that the demand for work is so high that the internal teams are insufficient to cover all the tasks and projects under development. Hiring an IT staffing agency is a great help, since it is a service through which you can obtain experienced resources on a temporary basis, on demand, and with rapid recruitment.


One of the smartest decisions you can make for your business is to hire an IT staffing agency that has some experience in your industry, as this team can help you be more efficient and productive with their unique knowledge of your business. In this way, you would also have access to particular expertise in your industry that you would otherwise not be able to obtain or would be very expensive.


it staffing agency


Industries that benefit from the support of an IT staffing agency


  • Technology

One of the industries that benefits the most from working with an IT staffing agency is technology. The volume of work and projects in development is very high and many times the internal teams need more operational capacity, as well as specialized profiles in certain technologies necessary for a particular project.


An IT staffing agency can collaborate perfectly with a large or medium technology company, as well as with startups, cloud service companies and web development companies. This agency can help these companies find and hire software engineers, web developers, cyber security experts, and other IT professionals without any hassle, as the agency takes care of all the administrative and recruiting part.


it staffing agency


  • Banking and finances

The financial and banking sector is one of the sectors that has had to modernize the most in recent years, especially in the creation of new online services and products. This has presented a challenge in terms of data management and the transformation of how teams now operate the bank's systems.


Throughout this process, an IT staffing agency with experience in this industry can be of great help, since they will have a clear direction to follow when working on your project and determine what is best for the software product you are looking for. they are creating. The agency helps you find specialists in banking systems, data analysts, financial application developers and IT security professionals.


At Rootstack, we have supported different banking and financial institutions by automating record generation, implementing help desks, creating optimal websites, and performing server migrations, all in order to optimize their operations.


it staffing agency


  • Health

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the health industry was one of those that had to adapt the most to new modalities of medical care. Many health institutions and hospitals had to digitize many of their processes to make them faster and more effective, and they also had to create new digital channels to serve patients.


By working with an experienced healthcare IT staffing agency, many businesses were able to build their software solutions faster and more efficiently because they had an experienced ally at their side. The advantage of working with an agency is that, it allows you to find the right personnel for your project in the health area, specialized in medical information systems, bioinformatics, health data analysis, and medical software development.


For example, our team of developers has supported insurance companies in the development of self-service web pages, to improve the customer experience and facilitate their management of policies. We also supported a healthcare company in creating a mobile app to organize their patients' information, their medical history and appointments.


it staffing agency


  • Retail 

An IT staffing agency provides personnel trained in the implementation, configuration, and maintenance of the technological infrastructure necessary to support the operations of companies in the retail sector. This includes support for servers, networks, security systems, and databases.


This industry also benefits especially when it comes to building custom applications for functions like inventory management, customer administration, and data analytics.


Over the years, we have worked with various retail companies to implement e-commerce solutions, point-of-sale (POS) systems, and systems to manage their inventories and finances more efficiently.


it staffing agency


  • Governmental

Many government institutions around the world have transformed their service thanks to the implementation of digital solutions to serve citizens. This has caused greater efficiency in the institutions and, on the users' side, the efficiency of the care offered has increased, being a win-win.


It is one of the sectors that benefits the most from the support of an IT staffing agency since this team provides technical support and training for the management of its systems, it also offers consultancy and strategic advice on the best software solutions that are appropriate according to the context and needs of the institution.


it staffing agency


In addition, these agencies have expert personnel in cyber security and data protection, which is very convenient for government institutions since they handle sensitive population data.


In short, there is no industry that does not benefit from the help of the team of an IT staffing agency, but the ones that we explain in the article are one of the ones that get the most out of this kind of outsourcing model.


Do you need an IT staffing agency to support you in your next project? At Rootstack, we have +12 years of experience supporting companies in their digital transformation. Contact us!


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