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July 08, 2022

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Without a doubt, the Covid-19 pandemic transformed many work dynamics in all industries, especially in the area of technology. On the one hand, users had the need to digitize many of their procedures, which is why they increasingly needed technological solutions that were adapted to those needs; on the other hand, companies began to need more engineers and developers to be able to supply the market requirements. This is where IT Staff Augmentation comes into play.


How does IT Staff Augmentation work?


The IT Staff Augmentation solutions have been the great support of many companies around the world, since, through this work model, companies have been able to access quality professionals, in a short time, obtaining great performance and results in exchange for an investment that fits your budget.


IT Staff Augmentation model consists of the temporary hiring of employees, who come to the company or a project to carry out specific tasks. As the contract is temporary, the company does not acquire any kind of responsibility or administrative commitments, typical of a permanent contract, thanks to which it saves costs.


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“These new team members are employees of the supplier. As a result, the provider manages the hiring process and bears the legal and administrative burden of hiring the staff. In addition, the provider ensures that the client has continuous and flexible access to the required talent”, they explained in an article on the Tunga portal.


When choosing the IT Staff Augmentation company, you have to evaluate very well the trajectory of this company, if possible, contact some of its previous clients. Also, you should make sure that their rates are fair and realistic. It is also important that you can access the kind of professional profiles that are within their team, to see if they match what you are looking for.


Top countries to hire talent by IT Staff Augmentation agency




In this country there are good IT Staffing agencies that offer valuable technological talent, they comment on the Nano Globals portal. One advantage is that Mexico is a neighbor of the United States and is its main trading partner. In addition, you will likely find engineers with excellent command of the English language, which will make it easier for you to communicate if your company does not speak a language other than English.


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"In this country they have invested substantially in the education of developers over the years (...) they also have strong European cultural influences, so it may be easier for some US teams to understand each other and communicate culturally," they explained. For that reason, Argentina is a good option for looking IT Staffing companies.




Something similar to what happens in Argentina happens in Uruguay: over the years they have also invested heavily in technology education and, as a result, have a strong pool of tech talent to offer the world.


“Uruguay is a very united community. This is important because by not having as much global bias, you get a much better deal price wise. Developers are more expensive in Uruguay than in neighboring Brazil and Argentina, but it is also much easier to find highly-skilled technical talent,” they added in the same Nano Globals article.




It is a Central American country that is in a strategic location, with a time zone that can be adjusted to many of the closest countries, such as the United States and Canada. Digitization and technological investment in this country has been considerable and, in fact, during the pandemic, Panama became a technological reference in Latam and the Caribbean for handling the data of those affected. There are a lot of companies that offer IT Staff Augmentation services.


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It is one of the countries where the most technological talent is found, at very competitive rates that make them very attractive for companies that want to save on costs, without sacrificing quality. Although experts recommend studying Russian technology or personnel providers well, to ensure that the data and information they handle do not run the risk of being compromised or leaked. 




Many of the best-qualified tech talents of IT Staffing agencies are found in Central and Eastern Europe. In fact, Poland serves as a research and development center for commercial giants like Google and Microsoft.


“Polish programmers successfully handle tasks like Microsoft's Imagine Cup, Google's Code Jam and others due to their advanced skills and experience. Poland ranks #3 in HackerRank, ranks #1 in Java evaluations and is in the top five with programming languages such as Python, Shell, and Ruby", explained in Softkraft.


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"Since 2019, Armenia has launched an active support program for the ICT sector, which increased the number of development centers, mainly operated by US-based companies," they noted in an article on the Geomotiv portal.


Asia: China, India & Philippines


Of course, Asia is the continent that creates the most technology and has the most technological talent and exports. They are always in constant development of new digital technologies. “However, it is worth noting that the internal demand for IT-related graduates is very high. They are mainly dedicated to projects run by the government or state-owned companies,” they added in the previous article.


Recommendations prior to hiring and IT Staffing team


Whether you hire IT Staff Augmentation staff in Spanish or English speaking countries, make sure that the profiles you choose are fluent in the English language. The obvious thing, in addition, is to consider the costs: do not get carried away by the cheapest rates, because they can fool you. 


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Another fundamental aspect is that you make sure that the IT Staff Augmentation provider works in your same time zone or in a similar time zone. In this way, work can be more synchronized and communication will flow more timely.


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