Top non-technical things to consider when interviewing a developer who is going to be doing a nearshore development

June 18, 2021


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We have talked multiples times about why nearshore development truly is the best option when it comes to software outsourcing. However, now that you’re about to really embark in this project, there are other few things you should have in mind. Once you have gone through the process of picking the right nearshore development partner, and followed our tips on the top factors to consider before hiring a nearshore development company, it’s time to move on towards the interview bit. You see, for a work relationship like this to function, it is necessary for you to have a one on one conversation directly with the developer who will be taking care of your project. Therefore, here are the top things to ask when interviewing the potential partner. ##“Have you ever done any similar projects to this one before?” It is important that you, as a company representative, get to know whether or not the person you are hiring has any previous experience developing a similar software to the one you’re planning to develop. Whether you choose to engage with someone who has no previous knowledge on the matter, is completely up to you. However, it is always necessary to know where you are standing when it comes to the person’s experience in the field. ##“Do you have any certifications, qualifications to show us?” It might be likely you’re dealing with a new developer, however, they should any type of certification or qualification they could show you to prove they actually know what they are doing. Although it is true certifications don’t necessarily mean experience. If t interviewing the developer they fail to successfully explain if they’ve worked on a similar project before, and also fail to prove authentic certifications, it might be a red flag. ##“Please explain to us how you’ll carry on this process and keep us informed?” The goal of this specific question is to evaluate their work ethic and methods and compare them to your company’s own methods as a way to determine whether or not they are compatible. Of course, through this questions you’ll be able to tell how serious and organized this developer is. However, encourage them to be short and precise, you won’t want to get caught up in the details. ##“How exactly will you help us save time and important resources on software development?” Here, the developer being interviewed should give you a conscience yet powerful answer that convinces you nearshore development is actually a good option for your company. If they can’t answer this question in an honest way, that might be another red flag. Look for developers who are honest about their work method and that explain how they will actually help you reduce costs and time. ##“How will you keep us informed throughout the whole process?” When working with nearshore development engineers, communication is the key to a successful partnership, which is why the developer should be aware of how they’ll make sure the communication channels are both open and fluid during the whole project. Expect for answers about how they will communicate with you (via email, texts, even internal softwares, and such) and how often will you get reports stating the current state of the project. These are just the top things you should ask whenever interviewing a new developer, however you can dig down as much as you would like to. Remember, the more information you have about them before starting the project, the better for both of you.