Top programming languages today and why to outsource them

June 18, 2021

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When developing a software, there are many factors you should keep into consideration, and the programming language you use is one of the most important factors.


Keep in mind, there are many different programming languages available, and picking and focusing on working with one might be quite a hard tasks, which is why choosing to outsource is always a great idea.


Mastering, understanding and working with a programming language to develop a software requires the work of an expert developer, and as a company, you need to be completely sure the team you are working with can manage and smoothly work with all of them.


C Sharp


Also known as C#, this programming language is by far one of the most popular ones to date. Similar to the Java language in many ways, C sharp is extremely easy to work with, whether you’re an expert or more of a beginner.


Another great thing about this particular language is the fact that’s the one used to develop more Microsoft apps or applications, which might explain why it is so popular amongst developers.


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Benefits of C#


- It is an easy language to learn compared to others, and the learning curve is very low. It is ideal for beginners but also for the most experienced programmers.

- "Another benefit of learning to program in C# is the efficiency of the language. As a statically typed language, C# is easy to read and understand, making it easy to find bugs in code (yours or another developer's) and also understand the code you're reading. It also makes writing code easier in general, with reusable code being a core feature of C#," they explained on the Code Guru portal.

In this portal they also added that precisely this ease offered by this programming language is due to the fact that it is an object-oriented language, making it flexible and scalable, as well as easy to maintain.

- The community of developers using C# is very large, so there will always be an answer if your team has any questions.




If there’s one programming language everyone (even if they are not a programmer or developer) knows, is the Java programming language, the world’s most popular one.


Java is almost completely independent of implementations, easy to understand and use, and object-oriented. Plus, over 500 companies use this particular programming language to develop their own softwares and applications.


Java Benefits


- It is a secure programming language, so you will not have to fear cyber threats or be exposed to risks.

- It is cheap: "Java programs are cheap to develop and maintain, since these programs depend on a specific hardware infrastructure to run. We can easily run them on any machine that reduces the additional cost of maintenance," they explained in TechVidvan.

- Java is platform independent and TechVidvan details it very well here: "Java offers a very effective advantage to its users by providing the platform independence feature that is the Write Once Run Anywhere (WORA) function. The compiled code, that is, java bytecode is platform-independent and can run on any machine regardless of operating system."

- It is a high-level programming language "because it is a human-readable language," they added in the same article. "It is similar to human language and has a very simple and maintainable syntax that is similar to the C++ language syntax but in a simpler way."


Ruby on Rails


Also known as Rails, this programming language is quickly becoming more and more popular on the programming world, with at least 4,000 using this language to develop different applications.


Perhaps the biggest reason why Ruby on Rails is becoming one of the most popular programming languages is because it supports web applications (makes them faster and better) and allows mobile-based apps as well, getting you the best of both worlds.


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Benefits of Ruby on Rails


- It's quite a profitable programming language: "One of the most common problems that startups face is timeline and budget. They plan to finish projects profitably and launch them on time. This is where RoR comes in, it's a open source framework that works perfectly on Linux. In addition, it is an open source software operating system that is completely free", emphasized an article on the Aristek Systems portal.

- Productivity is improved with Ruby on Rails because when combined with numerous third-party libraries, it allows you to quickly create functions. It is one of the easiest languages for developers.




If you’re looking for a one-in-all programming language then Python is definitely the right choice for you. Python has multiple frameworks that basically adapt to whatever you need to do, whether that is web applications, softwares or even data analysis.


If you want another big reason why you should trust Python as your programming language, you should keep in mind its reusable core, which allows you to create different applications in a much faster way.


Benefits of Python


- It is a high-level language.

- It is versatile, it is also easy to read so it does not represent any difficulty for developers. The learning curve is low.

- It is open source and community development.

- Highly efficient: "Python's clean object-oriented design provides improved process control, and the language is equipped with excellent integration and text processing capabilities, as well as its own unit testing framework, making it more efficient ", detailed in Geeks for Geeks.


Why you need to outsource this task


We have already mentioned the multiple different benefits of outsourcing and working with a nearshore development team, however, it is just as important to pick a nearshore development partner that knows how to smoothly transition from one language to another.


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If you really want your company to remain as relevant as possible you need a nearshore development team who can work with these languages and be able to create great web and mobile applications.


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