Types of IT Staff Augmentation that you can implement in your company

June 28, 2021


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Staff Augmentation


IT Staff Augmentation services are completely transforming the workflow of companies today. Now, the development of projects is not tied only to a team of in-house professionals, but more and more CEOs and CTOs are trying to increase the productivity of their companies by adding outsourcing personnel, with the most essential skills to enhance the quality of the projects.


What is the IT Staff Augmentation service? Companies temporarily employ highly experienced software developers and engineers, with the necessary set of skills to give their projects a differentiating boost. All this investing just enough, saving budget and improving both the development of the projects and the final results obtained.


It is a work modality that can greatly benefit your company, regardless of the industry to which it belongs. By increasing your staff with this service, first of all, you reduce staff recruitment time, which is ideal if you need expert professionals instantly. There are also no geographical limitations since your company can work with professionals from different countries, injecting quality into your projects with their expertise.


Types of IT Staff Augmentation you can implement


Before thinking about hiring an IT Staff Augmentation service, you must first analyze what type of service you need to request from a provider. First, you can define the duration of the project that you need to develop, since you can hire an outsourcing team for a short period, to carry out very specific tasks or to supply internal employees absent due to vacations or leave. Likewise, you can hire the services of IT Staff Augmentation in the long term if you need experienced professionals to develop a project for a long period of time.


Having determined this, then you can consider these three types of IT Staff Augmentation:


  • Basic staffing service


Useful when the company needs more personnel in its team to carry out basic or standard tasks that, although important, do not need to have special skills to execute them. This type of service is suitable for projects that are not so critical or urgent.


  • Skills-based staffing service


The IT Staff Augmentation service provider offers a team of expert professionals in certain areas, with special skills to meet the specific needs of the client.


  • Highly experienced staffing service


These are the highest level teams, those made up of highly experienced professionals, with specific skills and abilities that are very important to carry out robust and large-scale projects. They are characterized by working in an agile way, with flexibility to adjust to the client, delivering results of the highest quality.


Staff Augmentation


After determining the situation of your company and what type of services IT Staff Augmentation needs, study the profiles of various providers and make sure of the following key aspects:


  • The team must have excellent communication skills to ensure the understanding of all professionals when developing the project.
  • Evaluate the experience of the vendor and the clients they have previously worked with.
  • Make sure that the team works under a culture of collaboration and commitment to tasks.


Many benefits will bring to your company the implementation of a team via IT Staff Augmentation. Boost the performance of your business with this service that will make it grow and evolve completely. At Rootstack, we can advise you so that you have the best IT Staff Augmentation team at your service.


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