Understanding Self-Help Modules

June 18, 2021

self help module


In this new blog post, we will talk about the importance of self-help modules. With these modules, your users can increase or reinforce their knowledge about a specific topic corresponding to your company.


What is a self-help module?


To start with, we will explain what we mean by a self-help module or knowledge base. It is an online tool that will help users increase or reinforce their knowledge on a specific topic, either for a new product or service. This is done through web solutions sectioned in user manuals, articles, guides, technical documentation, graphics, videos, frequently asked questions, and product tutorials.


In this way, this module manages to solve problems and guide about a common goal between the user and the company, allowing them to have another channel to provide better customer service.


self help module


Some data to consider


  • According to Forrester, the use of self-help modules increased from 67% in 2012 to 76% in 2014

  • According to Destination CRM, 45% of companies offering a self-help solution in web or mobile applications reported increased site traffic and a decrease in phone calls.

  • According to Steven Van Belleghem, 40% of customers prefer self-service to human contact.


Its advantages


1. User support A self-help module serves as a support to the user commonly used to obtain and manage organizations’ explicit knowledge. The main benefit provided by the knowledge bases is to provide means to find solutions to problems already solved, which could be applied as a basis to other problems within or outside the same area of ​​knowledge, the most important aspect being the quality of the information.


2. Classification by categories Optimal use of this knowledge base module will be achieved by updating information from the company. It is important to have a search engine along with a high ranking for related categories or topics.


3. Process management Providing answers and solutions to end-users, clients, and workers allows for updated information on new products, services, or internal processes management. Besides, training for new workers will be easier and will save a lot of administrative time since the platform is available at all times without depending on a team in charge of training.


4. Immediate responses You will help your clients with immediate and exact answers to what they are looking for, thus providing all the necessary tools to increase your clients’ satisfaction from anywhere in the world.


self help module


Some final words


Having a self-help module on our business site will help facilitate access to relevant information for users who need it. At Rootstack, we are experts in incorporating these tools and developing highly functional web pages with UX designs.


Our expert developers team is ready to help you advance your digital transformation. Do not hesitate to contact us!


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