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June 18, 2021

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In the 9 years, we have been in the market (10 years from 2020), we have never had a year of so much learning as 2019. In all aspects, from collaborators to the client, we have worked to improve and grow day by day. The challenges we faced were a challenge for the Rootstack team. Despite being a team of only 44 people we were able to move forward and we are ready for many more.


If we must highlight some of these challenges, it is undoubtedly an improvement in the quality and quantity of software development professionals. Our team mainly made up of developers has increased significantly. By learning new languages and improving our work methodology, we have achieved the success of our team, of which we are extremely proud.


The panorama during the whole year was encouraging for all of us, in spite of feeling some external effects that escape us, we have known how to get up from those stumbles. Our clients are a faithful reflection of our work. With a high percentage of satisfaction compared to other companies in the competition. We have noticed that the work in standardizing the processes according to the North American business culture has contributed to this learning.





Events in 2019

We have also been proud to sponsor community events in Panama, such as the Hackathon, IAckaton, Huawei Developer Day, and to participate in events at CAPATEC, AmCham, eCommerce Day, and TechDay. Which has served to strengthen our relationship with the software development community, marketing, sales, networking, and new business opportunities.


Rootnet in 2019

We also managed to increase the number of technologies we handle, and introduced a new product in our Rootnet Suite, called Sync, which has three new features such as eMail Sync, to capture emails and store data on another platform; Integrator, to integrate platforms working as a middle layer between different software solutions; and Single Sign-On, single sign-on platform facilitating the way to work with two or more software.




Team in 2019

Our team has grown symbolically this year, after using filters that require each of our team the quality when working on any project. Today we can say that we have grown from a committed team of 40 people to a team of 44, engineers, designers, project managers, executives and administrators that makeup Rootstack.


Rootstack also seeks to be a pleasant place to work and for our employees to grow within our company. The internal changes we have undergone benefit from each member of our team. We work every day to create a great organizational environment that fills our employees and pushes them to give 100% of their work constantly. During 2019 we achieved the following benefits:


- Free lunches every day of the week, courtesy of Rootstack.

- Encouragement of more activities inside and outside Rootstack offices (karaoke nights, outings to bars, game rooms, happy hour at the end of the month and Christmas party at local hotels)

- Promotion of new positions for our team.

- Conducting talks and breakfasts to encourage team participation and report on progress made each month.

- Improvement of the previous hiring method and related processes.


But our biggest effort this year has been the opening of an office in Medellin, Colombia. Where we hope to grow with a team of engineers from the area, and the option of part of the team in Panama moving there. This represents a milestone for Rootstack and its quest to grow as a leading software company in Latin America.




Work in 2019

During this year we are carrying out different from what we are used to. Once the projects have been delivered we are proud to present our experience in:


- API solutions

- Technologies like. Net and Node.js

-Implementation of Mautic

- eCommerce Projects

- Web application development.

- Partnership with Microsoft


This year we managed projects with a medium to high complexity, using technologies such as Drupal, .Net, Node.js and Mautic, although we still manage simple projects if required by our client. It is important to emphasize the way we have grown with respect to our projects, and the direction that is being taken. This year most of our projects were based on web development, web services, API, Automation although we also carried out several Outsourcing projects in Latin America and North America.


Goals in 2020

We have big plans and goals to accomplish for this 2020, among them:

  • To consolidate our position in the Latin American market as one of the best companies in the region.

  • To grow at the employee level with the opening of the office in Colombia, in addition to training our team constantly.

  • To work on projects with a higher level of complexity, that will challenge our team, and serve as an experience for our company.


2019 was a year full of changes, challenges, and successes, and we cannot wait to carry out all our 2020 goals and achieve another year full of growth at Rootstack.


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