Website Planet interviewed our CEO and highlighted the growth of Rootstack

September 15, 2022

Tags: Marketing, Technologies

website planet


Rootstack continues to expand its borders, now with the interview with Alejandro Oses, CEO and co-founder of the company, for the specialized portal Website Planet, where he spoke about the company's growth in the last 10 years.


Website planet is a portal specialized in technology issues, this is how they are described “We eliminate the confusion and provide you with the information you are looking for in a simple and structured way so that you can make decisions about what to use to guarantee your success. We are experts who insist on working only with other experts. We hate unnecessary noise and make sure to reduce everything to what's important."


Rootstack CEO talks about how our customers contact us


From the solutions we offer to where our clients are located, in the interview readers can get a glimpse of the company's processes, all the solutions we offer, and also how a potential client can contact us.


In addition to that, the innovative recruitment process with which we get our team of collaborators, who currently number more than 100, offering various solutions to clients such as Managed Teams, staff augmentation, project-based model services and managed services.


In the interview, the company's plan for the coming years was discussed, to which Alejandro Oses replied, “The plans are to work hard to grow organically with different types of methods, associations, etc. We are working hard to be creative on more complex projects, bring value to our customers and increase our market reach.”


Rootstack was also published in Factor de Éxito magazine


Consolidating our position as one of the leading software agencies in Latin America, Rootstack was featured in the most recent edition of "Factor de Éxito" magazine, where our CEO, Alejandro Oses, spoke about the company's achievements and success. with the clients.
Factor de Éxito is a magazine with a presence in Panama, the United States, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico focused on news related to the business world, highlighting business management, its management and the strategies used to achieve success.


In the article, our CEO talked about the path he has taken to lead the company to success “The team and I have been putting all our effort to do the best job since Rootstack for more than 12 years, always worrying about achieving the maximum quality, always having challenges in larger and more complex projects. The pandemic was undoubtedly a litmus test for businesses around the world and a challenge for Rootstack, which we were able to successfully address.”


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