Websites are constantly changing and development must change as well

June 18, 2021


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![enter image description here](https://cms.rootstack.comhttps://cms.rootstack.com/sites/default/files/blog/img/pc.jpg) Websites and online tools keep our customers constantly updated on everything that happens in our company and what we offer. For this reason, the web development that we carry out must be based on our objectives and strategies in a long term. We must focus our resources on the right development based on our type of clients and additional services that we offer on the website. About queries of accounts with unique access, e-commerce, registration to events, forms, among others. The online world is competitive, today according to users, a complete website with personalized features will be the one with most traffic. At the moment the user wants to make a decision about a new provider, will compare the websites to see which has more functionalities adapted to their need. For example, a site where you can from your mobile device place orders or online payments vs a site that has to call an operator to place an order, go through three different authorization levels and wait for the operator to look for the information to respond. It is very likely that the user will choose the automated version, able to fulfill an action quickly from the comfort of their home. If a company offers new online ordering functionalities, it will get more traffic and increase user-client conversion by standing out from its competitors and achieve the goal of customer loyalty and increase sales together with a testable return on investment. On the other hand, if your company does not have a website you should take into consideration the benefits that web development would bring to your business. It is very likely that the user searches the internet for a website when they need a new provider, information about an address or contact phone. If your company has no online presence it will be very difficult for the user to know your company and they will feel distrust above a company that has all the tools to attract users. **With a web development your company would achieve:** - **Position your company** - It would have a considerable online presence, making your company position in search engines and with the right content, appear with good position in the listings. - **Provide better customer service** - You can count on a better customer service available when the user requires it with complete contact information, online chat with customer service or support agents. - **Sell ​​products online** - You could have another channel to sell products online, in a fast, simple and automated way. - **Availability** - With a website your company information will be available to any visitor 24 hours a day. We can conclude that regardless of whether your company has a website or not, we must be clear that the objectives must be met in the short and long term based on the technological change that we currently live together with the business strategy that we have.