What are Managed Services and how do they work?

July 19, 2021

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An IT company works as a gear: it is composed of many key pieces that have to work well individually, to achieve a good final performance and for the company to have the expected results in accordance with its goals. But in the current context, it can be quite a challenge to adapt to new market technologies and the increasing demand of customers, so Managed Services have become one of the great solutions in this regard.


More and more companies are adopting Managed Services and contacting Managed Services providers due to the great support they provide to their operations, from the simplest to the essential. It offers companies the flexibility to solve any type of need they may have, at a reasonable cost, allowing IT departments to achieve the expected goals and the maximum level of efficiency.


What are Managed Services and how do they work?


It involves hiring an IT service provider to be in charge of managing certain operations within a company, in which specialized and competent technical support is needed. Managed Services are a very interesting option for companies since it is a way to meet their requirements in a flexible and tailored way, in areas such as cloud computing, IT infrastructure, and IT security.


The growth of the Managed Services market has been impressive: in 2020, it was valued at 152 million dollars, with the largest market being North America, followed by Asia-Pacific, detailed the analysis firm Statista. And it is expected that by 2026, this Managed Services market will increase in value to $ 274 million.


By hiring Managed Services, this team will help in-house employees to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies, adding a very valuable set of specialized skills to raise the quality of operations.


This service can also take care of everything related to the maintenance of the company's infrastructure, hardware and software, responding quickly both to the needs of the company and to the demands of the technology market, explained in the Making Sense of Managed Services webinar offered by Cerium Networks.


Other operations that companies usually entrust to their Managed Services teams are the hosting, storage and backup of their data: in fact, these are the most requested services both in the United States and in Europe, since they pay for this service without investing a large budget in hardware for these purposes.


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When is it necessary to request Managed Services?


There are many advantages and benefits of Managed Services to companies today, but it is natural that the following question arises: How do you know if you need this service? Ok, first you need to analyze the current status of the company, the budget and its shortcomings.


  • If there are many unsolved problems in the company's IT area and your in-house team is overwhelmed, it is time to hire Managed Services to inject more personnel and operational force into the processes, delegating this maintenance task to the external team. Also, being an outsourcing service, operating expenses are reduced while efficiency is increased.


  • One of the great advantages of Managed Services is that by delegating routine tasks and operations to this team, it allows in-house employees to focus on more strategic activities, optimizing their work time.


Direct hiring of IT experts can be very expensive, a luxury that many companies on a tight budget cannot afford. Managed Teams come to the rescue here, since through this service companies can access experienced professionals, at a cost that adapts to the client and the size of the project. At Rootstack, we have a team of talented software engineers and developers, highly qualified to serve the technology needs of your company.