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June 18, 2021

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By now, everyone knows what outsourcing is, or has at least heard of the term. And it makes sense, especially when you realize more and more companies are choosing to outsource their processes.


That’s when nearshore solutions come in, and terms like “nearshore outsourcing” start to become more and more popular. So today, we’re going to talk about outsourcing, what it is, and why you need to pay attention to this specific way of working.


Keep in mind that as a company, there are thousands of different thinks you can choose to outsource, but today we will focus on software outsourcing, and the benefits of going for nearshore solutions.





Outsourcing vs in-house


As a company, or CEO, you have two ways to reclute your workforce. You can either keep them all under the same roof, working everyday on the same office, in the same building, or you can choose to outsource your processes and work with a nearshore outsourcing team.


By choosing to continue to execute all of your processes regularly, meaning working with an in-house team, you’re exposing yourself to possible major losses, time wasting, and low possibilities to continue to grow as a company.


Meanwhile, outsourcing your processes can bring many different benefits to your company, specially if you focus on nearshore solutions and everything a nearshore outsourcing company can do for you.


Nearshore solutions have become a great option for companies who are looking for a little bit of extra help regarding their online presence and software development goals, which of course, has contribute for the IT market to grow even more.


Think about it this way: Nowadays every company should have a strong online presence, but not every major enterprise has the resources, time and workforce to invest into this matter, which is why they invest on nearshore solutions.


Your company gets the help they need by working with a nearshore outsourcing team, and the professionals software developments and IT experts get to do what they do best. It’s simply a win-win situation.




Nearshore solutions: The help you were waiting for


Like we previously mentioned, there are a lot of things you, as a company, can choose to outsource, however, sticking to the IT sector, we are going to talk about the software processes you can, and should, outsource.


You see, software outsourcing simply means delegating the internal process of creating, developing and delivering a software solution to a third party that happens to be an expert on the matter.


By recurring to nearshore solutions, you don’t only get to outsource your software development process, but you get to do so with a nearshore outsourcing provider. Meaning someone that’s relatively close to where your company currently is.


This represents a major benefit when you compare it to offshore outsourcing, an option that forced you to work with companies or providers who were too far away from your own company.


What your nearshore outsourcing provider can do for you


Last, but definitely not least, it is worth to mention what it means to work with a nearshore company, and what they can (and will) do for your enterprise in order to help you achieve your goals.


Working with a nearshore outsourcing provider assures you, you will get your software application or web solution efficiently done and custom made according to what you need.


Not only that, but since the nearshore provider will take care of every step regarding the software development process, you won’t have to spend time nor resources on the project, being able to redirect valuable time and money into more important things.


Without a doubt, nearshore solutions open up a world of possibilities for companies who want to take the next step, and work on building their online presence!


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