What to ask the technology partner before hiring?

August 13, 2021


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Before hiring a technology partner for your company, first of all, have as many meetings as you think are convenient to convince yourself that it is the right one for the project you want to develop. Evaluate not one or two but numerous profiles so that you know which partners are in the market and what they offer to their allies. It is vital that you have total confidence in the experience of this partner, in his expertise and that he has the necessary background to get your project afloat.


We know that it is basic, but we insist on the importance of studying in-depth the previous experience of this partner, what its clients have been in the past, the nature of the projects it has executed, and what have been the most complex problems it has solved.


It is obvious that you must address it about the technologies it handles, what innovations it is applying to its projects, and what kind of professionals it has in its work team. But also studies what his work culture is, how he communicates with his team and with his partners since the success or failure of any working relationship depends on both.


What questions to ask a partner before hiring?


These basic questions will help you to know the personality and values that this potential partner handles:


  • How do you react when you disagree with your partner on something important? Do you try to convince him or do you give up without arguments?
  • When does your partner ask you for something that you can't give him, what is your reaction? Are you saying outright that you can't or do you strive to achieve it?
  • In times of crisis, are you open to looking for new ways of doing things or do you get blocked?
  • When you feel disconnected from your partner, do you let the relationship continue to freeze or what do you do to fix things?


After asking the partner about their experience and how they handle their processes, you can delve into how they execute their tasks and if they handle various software development methodologies. Make sure the partner has various methodologies such as Agile, DevOps Implementation, Waterfall, and Rapid Application Development, among others.




Other qualities to look for in a partner:


End-to-End service: your partner must not only be able to develop your project, but also have the necessary skills to implement it, perform maintenance and fix errors. In short, it must be able to take care of the entire life cycle of the platform you are creating and not leave you hanging without solutions at the time of a contingency.


The utility of being strategic: strategic thinking is valuable in a technology partner and is an indispensable plus in the technology area. This kind of thinking motivates engineers and developers to always look for ways to improve all their work. It's about being more proactive according to the circumstances.


Professionals who think strategically are characterized by being more productive since they are capable of evaluating a context and projecting actions/solutions in the medium and long term.


Honesty and trust: The foundation of any lasting human relationship is honesty and trust. You as a company must be honest with what you need in the project and on the partner's side, he must be totally sincere about what he can really offer you, without cheating or promising things that he cannot fulfill. In this way, both can create real projections of the software to be developed.


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