What is included in IT services?

November 16, 2023

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it services


In the current business landscape, IT services have become a fundamental element for the performance and efficiency of any company. From network and systems management to technical support, IT operations plays a crucial role in optimizing processes and ensuring business continuity.


Despite this importance, many companies face the challenge of not having sufficient or specialized personnel to internally manage these complex IT services.


Faced with this situation, many organizations look for external solutions and find a strategic ally in IT outsourcing companies. Outsourcing IT services not only allows companies to access a pool of specialized talent, but also gives them the flexibility to adapt to fluctuations in demand for technology services.


Additionally, this type of outsourcing can be more economically viable, as it eliminates the need to maintain a full in-house staff of IT experts.


it services



What are IT services?

“IT services refer to the application of technical and business expertise to enable organizations to create, manage, and optimize or access business information and processes”, they explained on the Gartner portal.


“The IT services market can be segmented according to the type of skills used to provide the service (design, construction, execution). There are also different categories of services: business process services, application services and infrastructure services”, they added in the article.


IT services offered by an IT outsourcing provider

IT services encompass a wide range of activities designed to manage, maintain and improve an organization's technological environment.


According to DesignRush, there are three categories of IT services:

- Business process services
- Application services
- Infrastructure services


it services


And these categories of IT services generally include:



  • Technical support:
    - Problem solving and technical assistance for users.
    - Hardware and software maintenance.
    - Installation and configuration of devices and programs.


  • Communication & Networking:

- Design, implementation and maintenance of network infrastructures.
- Network connectivity and security management.
- Server configuration and network administration.


  • Systems Management:

- Operating systems administration.
- Monitoring system performance.
- Implementation of updates and patches.


  • Security of the information:

- Implementation of security measures to protect data and systems.
- Threat monitoring and response to security incidents.
- Security audits and risk assessments.

it services

  • Application Development and Maintenance:

- Custom software development.
- Maintenance and updating of existing applications.
- Integration of systems and business solutions.


  • Data management:

- Data storage, backup and recovery.
- Database management.
- Data analysis and report generation.


  • Cloud Computing:

- Migration to the cloud and management of cloud services.
- Implementation and maintenance of cloud-based solutions.


  • Strategic IT Advice:

- Consulting for the planning and development of technological strategies.
- Evaluation of new technologies and their applicability.


  • IT training:

- Training programs for employees in the use of specific technologies.
- Development of technical and security skills.


  • IT Project Management:

- Planning, execution and supervision of technological projects.
- Coordination of teams and resources for specific projects.


These are just general examples, and the range of IT services can be tailored to the particular needs of each business. Outsourcing these services through IT outsourcing companies allows organizations to focus on their core competencies while having specialized technical support.


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How hiring IT services can increase your business productivity

Hiring IT services can have a significant impact on a business's productivity in a variety of ways. Here are some ways in which hiring IT services can contribute to increased productivity:


The company can focus on its main strategies

Outsourcing IT services allows the company to focus on its core competencies. By leaving complex IT tasks in the hands of experts, internal resources can be directed to activities that generate greater value for the business.


Improve operations efficiency

Implementing appropriate technological solutions can improve operational efficiency. Automating processes, optimizing systems and using appropriate management tools can reduce time spent on manual and repetitive tasks.


Access to advanced technologies

By contracting IT services, companies have access to the latest technologies and tools without the need to invest in the acquisition of expensive hardware or software. This allows you to keep up with technological innovations without committing financial resources.

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They offer scalability

Outsourced IT services offer the flexibility to scale resources based on business needs. Whether the company is experiencing rapid growth or facing a decline in demand, it can easily adjust its IT services accordingly.


Improved security

Information security is critical in the digital age. Hiring specialized cybersecurity services helps protect data and systems, avoiding interruptions and losses of confidential information that could affect productivity.


Greater availability

Well-managed IT services ensure greater availability of systems and applications. Reducing downtime and quickly resolving technical issues directly contribute to operational continuity and, therefore, productivity.


Improved collaboration

Online collaboration tools and platforms facilitated by IT services can improve communication and collaboration between teams, especially in remote work environments. This streamlines processes and facilitates decision making.


Analysis of data

Data analytics services allow businesses to gain valuable insights from large data sets. This can support informed and strategic decision making to improve efficiency and profitability.


When hiring IT services, companies can benefit from continuous training provided by experts. This ensures that employees are aware of the latest trends and technologies, maximizing their effectiveness in using tools and systems.


Together, these advantages demonstrate how outsourcing IT services can be a comprehensive strategy for improving productivity, allowing companies to focus on their business objectives while leveraging the experience and technology of specialized IT professionals.


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