What kind of mobile apps is React Native good for?

November 12, 2021

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Today mobile applications "rule" almost everything we do on the Internet. If you want to buy clothes, food, pay for services or even make transactions at the bank, you can do everything through a mobile application. This scenario makes it essential that your company also have its own to have a greater reach in the market and React Native is the technology preferred by developers at this time.


In 2020, according to figures from Statista, 218 billion mobile applications were downloaded worldwide, making clear the immense market that currently exists in this area. It does not matter if the company belongs to the automotive, pharmaceutical or education industries: in each area mobile applications have a utility and functionality.


Why React Native is being used in mobile app development


One of the great advantages of React Native in app development is that it allows you to create optimal native applications for both Android and iOS. "React Native combines the best parts of native development with React, the best JavaScript library of its kind for creating user interfaces", they explain on their website, ensuring applications with optimal performance.


Another benefit of this technology is that developers and software engineers can use React Native either to create new applications from scratch or to enhance existing projects on Android or iOS. It is very flexible and adapts to any case.


During development, it's great for engineers to be able to see the changes they make as soon as they save them. In this way, they can immediately see how the application they are working on is doing, without having to wait a long time for compilations.



What kind of mobile application can be created with React Native?


React Native is an ideal technology for the development of native mobile applications, as stated on their website: “React Native allows you to create truly native applications and does not compromise the experiences of your users. It provides a core set of platform native components such as View agnostics, Texty Image that map directly to the platform's native UI building blocks.


Other details in this regard that React Native explains on its website are the following:


react native


- React components wrap existing native code and interact with native APIs through the declarative UI paradigm of React and JavaScript.


- This enables the development of native applications for entirely new developer teams and can allow existing native teams to work much faster.


Popular mobile apps built with React Native




Of course, Facebook is one of the most famous applications created with React Native, since it was this same company that launched this technology in 2015.




Being an application also belonging to Facebook, Instagram has been optimized with React Native to give the best experience to all users.




It is currently one of the most used e-commerce platforms in the world, which has numerous functionalities that allow users to create their virtual store without complications.


react native


Uber Eats


It is the most popular food delivery application in the United States, to which thousands of restaurants are subscribed to offer their service to customers.




It is one of the most important supermarket chains in the United States, also present in Mexico. Given the large volume of sales it handles, React Native has made it possible to create a robust and flexible platform at the same time.




It is a VoIP platform that allows users to send instant messages, make calls, video calls, as well as send images and various files.


Now that you know the types of mobile applications that can be created with React Native, don't miss the opportunity to have the best app to help your business grow digitally. Do you want your company to experience a real technological transformation? Let's talk!


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