What is the main difference between ReactJS and React Native?

April 11, 2022

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Mobile applications have gained more and more ground in today's digital landscape. According to figures from Statista, the total revenue in the app market is expected to reach $465.655 million in 2022. This reflects the importance of technologies for developing mobile apps, such as React Native.


Billed as a “sister” to ReactJS, React Native is an open-source technology developed by Facebook for building native, cross-platform mobile apps from the same code base written in JavaScript and React.


ReactJS, on the other hand, is a JavaScript framework that allows you to quickly and efficiently create user interfaces by including Java files in your HTML. It can also be described as a Java library that you can use to create a different user interface through different components that help build and define the structure of the application you are working on.


Despite sharing a name, there are marked differences between the two and in this blog, we will talk about them.


Main differences between ReactJS and React Native


Execution and startup


The main difference between the two is that React Native is a framework, while ReactJS is considered a Javascript library that you can use in the development of your website. To use ReactJS, you must first run a bundler like Webpack, while React Native comes with everything you need to develop your mobile app.


Another of its differences is that Reactjs can be described as a basic derivative of React DOM, for the web platform, while React Native is a basic derivative itself, which means that the syntax and workflow remain the same. same, but the components are modified.


In ReactJS, the developer uses the virtual DOM to render all lookup code, while in React Native, native APIs are used to render components in the mobile app.


While apps and websites built with ReactJS render HTML into UI, React Native uses JSX to render the UI, which is basically Javascript.


In Reactjs, the animation is possible using CSS, just like web development, while in React Native, an animated API is used to induce animation in different components of the React Native app.


These are the main differences between these two frameworks, one of the most used to develop applications and websites. Our expert developers have managed to provide fast and effective solutions to our international clients with the use of these technologies.


In our team of developers, there are several React experts who put all their talent and skills into creating websites and applications for international companies, providing solutions to many technical problems that they may have.


One particular project that stands out was the development of a website for an insurance company located in Panama. With React, our developers build a system that handles apps, complaints, and other customer interactions.


React helps you create interactive user interfaces easily. Design simple views for each state in your app, and React will efficiently update and render the correct components when data changes.


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