What is the most effective way to develop a software product?

November 11, 2022

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software development


When it comes to developing a software product there is no written rule. Each dedicated software development team tends to have its own methods and processes for dealing with it: either thinking about the design first or following the customer's guidelines and needs step by step.


Many times, especially for newcomers to the field, developing a software product can be overwhelming, leading to a state of disengagement and lack of motivation that leads to abandonment or even giving up on pursuing a career in technology.


Our Rootstack experts told us how they approach the process of developing a software product, including the best practices to follow in this case, as well as summarizing some other advice from different expert sources.


Tips for developing a software product effectively


Take into account the value for users and for the client


Developing a software product from scratch may seem like fun: you have a blank canvas to create the new mobile application, for example, that may revolutionize the market, but to achieve this you have to take into account the value that it will have for the users, for that group of people that the client wants to reach.


The key aspects to consider are the problems that this product will solve, what differentiates it from other software, having the correct time for development and execution and if there is already a better alternative to this product on the market.


software development


User experience


You can create an innovative software product, like no other on the market, with relevant information and vital functions for day-to-day life, but if it does not have a good browsing experience for the user and is easy to use for any type of person, then success will not accompany you and you will be doomed to failure.


Keep the product easy to use and friendly to the user, who, despite being more technically savvy these days, still needs their apps and websites to be easy to use and quick to achieve their goal.


Have a marketing plan at hand to sell your product


This is one of the tips offered on LinkedIn. An expert in this field came to the conclusion that in the initial stages you should have a marketing plan for when the product is launched on the market: focus on the needs that it comes to cover and sell it to customers. potential users as the “big news”, convincing them that it is exactly what they need.


As advice, they ask to do a market study and thus have precise numbers and data to develop an effective marketing plan that directly attracts customers to the product, without the need to spend money on channels that will not give the expected results.


Integration with other tools


Beware here for beginning developers: if you are developing a software product for mobile devices, it must be able to integrate seamlessly with the other tools of said device, for example, cameras, contact list, messaging, calls, etc. Plus, it should work with other similar apps.


Surround yourself with the right team of experts


Developing a software product is a team effort, to achieve this you must have an expert in each of the development steps. It is essential to have a bankend developer, a frontend developer, a UI/UX designer, a Project manager who is aware that the tasks are carried out as planned and also maintains contact with the client, in addition to also having a QA to test the product and detect any errors.


software development


Test the product with users


In addition to the product test that is done with the client, the developer team must make said product available to users, letting them be the ones who give the final verdict since, at the end of the day, they are the ones who will use it.


LinkedIn emphasizes this advice, arguing that these people will be able to contribute ideas and suggestions about the product and thus improve it so that when it is launched on the market it is optimal and satisfies all needs.


Constant testing and revision


The product is already on the market, it is already in the hands of its users, so there is only one last step left: do not stop testing it, correct errors that appear and update it. Technology evolves, it moves quickly so a software product needs to stay current to remain relevant and within the preference of users.


At Rootstack we have a team of expert developers who can help you create a software product from scratch, or update that technological project that has only given your company headaches. Contact us and let's start working together.


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