What is necessary to begin the develop of a good software?

June 18, 2021


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Initially, the software development companies carry out a study of the tasks that are to be automated, then the needs of the company are identified, taking into consideration any resources that may be involved, either human resources, reusable software resources or environmental resources; each of these specified in terms of description, availability report, date in which the resource is required and time during which the resource will be applied. After this, a planning for the development of the software is initiated, where it should be evaluated and described in detail: - The function. - The performance - The restrictions. - The Interfaces - The reliability The information gathered with this study serves as a basis to create design strategies that allow for reasonable estimates of resources, costs and planning. Based on this, it is concluded that for the Planning for the development of a software, three important aspects must be estimated before starting it: How long, how much effort it requires and how many people will be involved, on the other hand resources should be considered of Hardware and Software that are going to be required for its elaboration, taking as a base all the data and techniques already developed to improve the accuracy of the estimate.