Where can I get a mobile app developer?

May 12, 2022

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Nowadays there is a mobile application for practically everything. You can buy food through an app, make bank transactions, have an online medical consultation, and even a mobile app to see your vital signs or sleep cycles. Along with everyday life, we have a virtual life thanks to these applications, so companies must increasingly bend to the digital world if they do not want to disappear.


Overview of mobile app market growth


So that you are aware of the vast market for mobile applications, Statista reflected in one of its recent reports that, in 2021, users downloaded 230 billion mobile apps worldwide, while in 2016 the figure amounted to only 140 billion. The growth has been tremendous and it will continue to grow in 2022.


The segment that most reflected downloads was that of video games, followed by the photography and video application segments, as well as online shopping applications. Other segments that reflected millions of downloads were entertainment, social networks and the medical sector.


Companies have also found in the mobile app market a way to monetize and continue to expand not only their customers and reach, but also their profits.


“As an indispensable part of the smartphone experience, most apps in the major app stores are free to download. However, in recent years, the growth in global consumer spending on apps has shown the healthy appetite of users for premium services or paid app content", Statista said.


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They also released figures on how much user investment had been in paying for mobile applications: “In the second quarter of 2021, Android consumers spent an average of 5.31 US dollars per phone, after reaching a maximum in the last quarter of 2020 reaching an average of 10.6 US dollars per mobile device (...) applications that offer subscription plans are increasingly popular in the monetization landscape. In 2020, the leading subscription apps on the Apple App Store generated more than US$10 million in global revenue.”


All these data clearly indicate that the trend of the moment is mobile applications, so it is essential that your company begins the development of a mobile application or enhances the one it already has.


Benefits of mobile applications for your company


- Increase customer fidelity and loyalty, as they provide personalized services and better access to products. As long as the company offers an easy and efficient way to interact with them, customer loyalty will grow because they will feel comfortable with the entire buying process.


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- With a mobile application, the company can explore new ways to generate profits, creating new products and services according to this platform. It always represents an opportunity to retain new audiences. They improve brand positioning: “You have unlimited possibilities to engage customers in different dimensions. From the design part to the communication strategy, applications can help improve brand recognition”, they explained in a West Agile Labs article.


- Operations from mobile applications are much faster than from a website, streamlining the entire flow of users in their search and purchase process.


Skills a mobile app developer should have


It is obvious that the technical qualities that mobile application developers may have are essential to carry out the job, but The Balance Careers portal states that developers also need a combination of technical skills and the so-called "soft-skills" or soft skills that are also a good complement to the job.


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Soft-skills that a mobile application developer must have


  • Analysis capacity


“Mobile developers must understand the needs of users to create the applications they want to use. The ability to analyze how people use their mobile devices is critical to a successful mobile developer," they emphasized in an article on The Balance Careers portal.


  • Communication


Although the work of developers in general can be a bit lonely, developing a mobile application requires a lot of communication, especially to understand what the client needs. Likewise, the developer is going to work with a whole team of engineers, so communication is essential to coordinate the work and that everything flows in the best possible way.


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  • Creativity


“As a mobile developer, you need to write clean code to create apps that are easy to use. Developers think creatively about how users bring their mobile devices into their lives, and then create apps that help them complete various tasks. This job involves not only technological skills, but also an open mind”, they detailed in the same article.


Technical skills


  • Knowing several programming languages ​​will always be a plus, especially Objective-C and Java.
  • Have notion or have worked with agile methodologies.
  • Handle C/C++, C#.
  • CSS.
  • UI/UX knowledge.
  • git.
  • Github.
  • HTML5.
  • Android platforms.
  • iOS platforms.
  • Java.
  • JavaScript.
  • PHP.
  • Python.
  • Node.js.


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Where can you find a mobile app developer?


There are many mobile app developer directories where companies can find support for their projects. A mobile app development company can be of great help and make a difference in your product development.


A technological partner can provide the team of developers and all the necessary tools to create your mobile application from scratch, with all the efficiency and quality possible. We have experts in mobile application development, but we also have technical leaders and project managers who will follow up your project from start to finish, guaranteeing that the project will be done exactly as your company needs it.


Do you want to develop your mobile application but do not know how? We at Rootstack can help you. Contact Us!


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