Why do companies outsource software development?

August 05, 2022

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All companies need to have a presence on the web and to achieve this, a software development process must be followed. Having a technology team, among that expert development and programming engineers, can be expensive for many small and medium-sized companies and even an unnecessary expense for a large one, so you decide to hire a software agency.


Let's define software development, Atlassian explains “Software development refers to the design, documentation, programming, testing and ongoing maintenance of a software product. The combination of these steps is used to create a workflow pipeline, a sequence of steps that, when followed, produce high-quality software deliverables."


What is an outsourced service in software development?


Sometimes, a company does not have the money or the physical space to have a technology team, so they decide to outsource a software agency that is in charge of their software development and the maintenance and updating of their systems and equipment, this is what it refers to an outsourced software development service.


In TPPTechnology they point out “Software development outsourcing describes an arrangement in which an organization chooses to hire an external software development agency to effectively carry out all the tasks of a software development project, which could be done in-house. Software outsourcing is the practice of a company handing over control of a certain business process or project to an outside vendor who is qualified and capable of handling the required business tasks.


Reasons to outsource software development


Reduce costs with software development outsourcing


Having an entire team of expert software development engineers can take a large part of the company's annual budget, in addition to their salaries they must have adequate physical space for their tasks. By outsourcing a software development team you can save all these high costs and always have your systems maintained and updated.






Letting an external team take care of the company's software development, in addition to maintaining and updating systems, can save valuable time for the internal team of workers and allow them to focus on other tasks necessary for the proper functioning of the company.


A software agency will allow the company to enjoy a modern and innovative website and mobile applications, all within the time initially proposed for the completion of the project.


software development


Work with professionals


At the time of building an internal team of software engineers, you may hire inexperienced people and that will mean a loss of money.


By outsourcing a software agency, the company ensures that a group of experts with proven experience in high-bill projects are available to keep systems and applications up to date. A good outsourcing company has a team of specialists, including UI/UX analysts, designers, writers, testers, and engineers.


Risk reduction


On the Linkedin page, they talked about the benefit of outsourcing a software development team, “Software development outsourcing is a better option as in this case outsourcing professionals handle your product which minimizes the risk generally involved in the project. Working with outsourcing experts ensures that you get immediate help at the time of any uncertainty or crisis.”


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More speed with software development outsourcing


Having experts in programming and web development working for the company ensures that the project will be done in the shortest possible time.


In addition to speed, it will be a flexible job, adjusting to the client's demands while they are developing, always in favor of an effective, functional final product that complies with what is detailed by the company in the first contact with the software agency.


dedicated software development


Do you need a Dedicated Software Development Team for your software development?


By looking for outsourced software development, you are allowing a dedicated software development team to work on your company's project, thus enjoying all the benefits of this type of work.


In UpTech they define it in this way "A dedicated development team is a model of collaboration with an outsourced team of developers, where a client and a team of developers collaborate on a long-term basis. This is one of the most popular modes of collaboration, which is on par with fixed-price (FP) and time-and-material (T&M) models."


Who make up a dedicated software development team?


When the company decides to contract this type of service, it will have these professionals in the team:


  • Front-end and back-end engineers, full-stack, mobile developers;
  • UX/UI Designers;
  • DevOps Engineers;
  • Specialists in quality assurance;
  • Business analysts;
  • Product managers;
  • Project managers.


dedicated software development team


Signs that indicate you should hire a development team


Due to the cost savings for the company, a dedicated software development team is recommended for companies that want to embark on a project that requires a long time to develop. In addition, it is recommended for:


Early Stage Startups


In UpTech they explain "If you are an early-stage startup and you expect to grow, consider hiring a dedicated development team. It will allow you to quickly build a team, save money on hiring processes and develop the product faster. While your internal team must work on business-oriented tasks, the augmented team does the extra work."


Projects with vague requirements


When the project in question is not fully defined and needs a stage of investigation and discovery of requirements, it is best to have a dedicated software development team to achieve it. This stage can last for months, so the dedicated team provides the time and resources, leaving the company to focus on the details and requirements.


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