Dedicated Software Development Team: what is it and what are its advantages

May 20, 2022

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dedicated software development


The growth of the business software market has been sustained in recent years: all companies, in some way, are seeing the benefits of technological transformation and the adoption of systems that allow them to automate and streamline workflows. This is why is so important to have a Dedicated Software Development Team.


In fact, according to projections made by Statista, now in 2022 spending on business software is expected to amount to 672 billion dollars, 11% higher than the figure reached in 2021. This situation has put companies running, since the demand for software products has often exceeded the response capacity of their teams. But it is in these cases that a dedicated software development team can be very useful for your projects.


What is a dedicated software development team?


"It is a dedicated team that is hired to plan, develop and implement a long-term project that focuses on successfully solving customer challenges," explained an article on the Northell portal. Hiring a dedicated software development team implies that this team is in charge of the project that you delegate to it from start to finish, which will speed up the delivery of products to your clients.


The services of dedicated development teams are intended to add flexibility to companies, since while the local team is in charge of the development of a project, this managed team can take care of another project at the same time and without inconvenience.


“According to the Dedicated Team model, the main specificity of work is that the client has at their entire disposal a dedicated software team with well-functioning interaction and management mechanisms, whose objective is productive work,” they detailed in the same item.


dedicated software development


The dedicated software development team model combines the best of offshore development and in-house development, they say on the Intel Vision portal. In fact, the following advantages stand out:


  • They increase the flexibility of the team and the scalability of the project.
  • You will get developers with extensive experience in various industries.
  • Project management is efficient.
  • The transparency of each process and task is total.


You can also get the following profiles:


  • Front-end and back-end engineers.
  • QA engineers.
  • UX/UI designers.
  • DevOps Engineers.
  • Business analysts.
  • Project managers.


When is the time to hire dedicated software development team service?


By now you have already read about what a dedicated software development team is and it has surely become clear to you... but if you are still wondering when is the right time to hire this service, read on.


dedicated software development team


Actually, this software development team can be hired in several situations, which Northell lists:


  • When the company wants to scale a product.
  • When you have the idea and concept of a product ready and want to develop it.
  • When you want to change something in your product and develop it.
  • If you want to refine your product by adding new features.
  • When you want to build a product, scale it, and make a digital transformation.


Advantages of working with a dedicated software development team


Quick access to engineers/developers


You will be able to access all kinds of specialized profiles, such as engineers and developers with +10 years of experience, but also professionals such as QA engineers, technical leaders, project managers, among others. Your company does not have to take care of recruiting anyone, since the provider or technology partner will provide you with this dedicated development team ready.


dedicated software development


You can focus on your core business


If you delegate the development of a project to a dedicated software team, your local team can focus on tasks more related to the core of your business. You will be able to worry about the most important aspects of the company while the dedicated team takes care of the development of your projects.


Dedicated team is up to date with new technologies


Dedicated development teams are effective because they bring flexibility to your projects. They are able to adapt to any technological changes because they are always up to date with the latest in new tools and technologies.


Is its implementation expensive?


There is always the fear that these dedicated software development services will be more expensive even than direct hiring of personnel, but that is just a myth. Precisely one of the reasons why companies work under this modality is cost savings, while speeding up the software development of their projects.


dedicated software development team


“The pricing model on a dedicated team is pretty simple. Since hiring a team, each employee has a specific hourly rate, and is paid for the number of hours worked. This is basically the only thing you pay for. No extra expenses in renting an office for a team, obtaining equipment, taxes, paying electricity bills, etc”, they detailed in an Up Tech article.


And we emphasize when you can deploy a dedicated software development team: on long projects, to create products for a specific niche, for complex projects where you'll need talent with specific skills, and startups starting projects.


Steps for implementing a dedicated software development team


  • Once the dedicated development team has been hired, an estimate of the scope of the project is made, where the tasks and actions to be carried out by the team will be defined.
  • A selection is made of the profiles that will integrate the dedicated software development team, according to the experience and skills required by the project.
  • The final final scope of the project and the proposal are presented, with the team, the deadlines and the budget, explained in Up Tech.
  • The development of the project begins, in whose stages the company may be involved to monitor from start to finish the entire creation of the product in question.


This is how Rootstack's dedicated software development teams work


Initial meeting


You will get to know our team and our culture. Assertive communication and teamwork are our pillar.


Project estimate and profile selection


The project, timeline, resources and architecture are planned. Profiles for both engineers and management roles are verified.




Start the execution of the goals set for the team, with weekly sprints and Scrum meetings. There is constant feedback.


Continuous relationship


We offer a support team with engineers, DevOps, PMs and technical leaders who can expand your service according to your needs.


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