Why hire a software development team in Latin America in 2024?

February 23, 2024

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software development latam


When searching for talented and competent software development teams, it is crucial to consider all the options available in the global market. In this sense, Latin America has emerged as a highly attractive region for technology companies in search of exceptional talent.


If you are a manager or CEO contemplating the idea of hiring a software development team in Latin America, here are some compelling reasons to consider it in 2024.


software development latam


Reasons to hire software developers in Latam this 2024

1. World class talent

Latin America is home to a large number of talented software developers with skills and competencies comparable to any other region in the world. These professionals not only have a solid academic background, but also extensive experience in both local and international projects.


2. Competitive costs

Hiring a software development team in Latin America can be considerably cheaper than hiring in other regions such as the United States or Europe. Labor costs in Latin American countries such as Colombia, Panama and Mexico are lower compared to developed countries, allowing for an excellent return on investment.


software development latam


3. Favorable time zone

The proximity of the time zone to that of North America facilitates real-time collaboration between teams located in Latin America and clients or business partners in North America. This significantly reduces waiting times and improves efficiency in communication and project development.


4. Culturally compatible

Latin America shares cultural similarities with North America and Europe, which facilitates communication and mutual understanding between work teams from different regions. This cultural affinity contributes to more harmonious and productive collaboration on software development projects.


software development latam


Featured countries to hire software development teams in Latin America:

  • Colombia

Recognized for its growing technological ecosystem, Colombia has a large number of talented software engineers and an ever-expanding digital infrastructure.


“In 2020, the number of doctoral graduates in engineering careers was significant, at 27.8%, ranking tenth among 34 countries considered for the list”, they noted in an OECD report.


“Colombia is the third largest provider of IT services among Latin American countries, and the IT industry in 2022 had a large amount of exports, up to USD 218.8 million”, they also noted on the subject in a Bloomberg article. 


software development latam


  • Panama

With a strategic location and a growing economy, Panama has become an attractive destination for technology companies looking to establish high-quality software development teams.


“Panama is the ideal place for establishing investments that require storing or managing large volumes of information such as the Internet of Things, blockchain or data warehouses, offering competitive advantages in a safe and efficient manner”, commented Carmen Gisela Vergara recently, the representative of ProPanamá, the entity in Panama that is in charge of attracting investments and exports.


  • Mexico

As one of the largest economies in Latin America, Mexico offers a broad base of technology talent and a strong digital infrastructure, making it a popular destination for technology companies from around the world.


“There are currently 38 IT parks throughout Mexico. In fact, Guadalajara, in western Mexico, is quickly making a name for itself as the “Silicon Valley” of Mexico”, they explained on the government portal Trade.


Hiring a software development team in Latin America in 2024 can give your company a significant competitive advantage. From world-class talent to competitive costs and excellent cultural compatibility, the region offers a unique combination of benefits that can drive the success of your software development projects.


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