5 ways to solve the lack of skills in the developers of your team

February 21, 2023

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The start of a software project is always exciting. We recognize that it is a very dreamy stage, in which we imagine the perfect software for our company, with all the functionalities –realistic or not– that come to mind. But many companies, after going through this, are faced with reality: their developers do not have the skills that the project needs.


The skills deficit in software development teams is not something new: as technology advances, it is common for some developers to be left behind, while they update and train on new technologies and tools that have come to the technological market. In fact, according to the IDC firm, cited in a Forbes article, they estimate that by 2025 there will be a deficit of 4 million developers.


But of course, this training and training of software developers requires an investment of both money and time, costs that companies often cannot assume, either because the budget is limited or because they need the software product to be created. as fast as possible.


Reasons why there is a shortage of software developers


  • The time it takes to hire technical staff can be up to 50% longer than hiring another type of profile. "These open vacancies cost companies around $680 in lost revenue per day per vacancy," they refer to in an article on the CodeSubmit portal.
  • Many developers are leaving their corporate jobs because they feel they are not growing professionally, because they are in a negative environment or the flexibility of working hours is very limited and they wish they had a little more freedom.
  • Burnout also plays a role, as many developers feel burnout.
  • As technology advances, more and more ambitious projects are emerging, which require highly specialized developers who are sometimes difficult to find.
  • As a result of the pandemic, all companies found themselves in need of innovating and strengthening their businesses in digital, which has considerably increased the demand for developers.
  • At an academic level, the lack of good technology schools could be affecting the training of future software developers. Furthermore, in certain countries, access to this kind of technology education is difficult.


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So what to do to solve the lack of skills in your software development team?


Hire a Nearshore Development or IT Staff Augmentation Software Provider


If you need to develop software quickly and without delays, perhaps the first option is to hire an IT outsourcing company. This vendor can provide an entire team that will focus on developing your software, or they can provide the custom software developers your project requires that are missing from your in-house team. According to your needs, you can search for an inshore, nearshore and offshore provider.


Attention programming camps


According to a survey conducted by the Indeed portal, 80% of technology managers in the United States are satisfied with hiring developers who have graduated from coding bootcamps, and consider that they are as qualified as university graduates to take on software projects. ambitious. So this is a good option to get qualified tech talent.


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Offer the option of remote work


Developers highly value flexibility in work schedules, but they also prefer remote work over office work. With the pandemic, this modality became much more entrenched. If you want to have talented and experienced software developers on your project, don't just look for a face-to-face profile. Open yourself to the option of hiring developers who work remotely, you will see that you will not regret it. In addition, in this way, you will be able to work with professionals from anywhere in the world.


Employee training


A medium and long-term measure to reduce the skills deficit in your development team is continuous employee training. Each semester the company can give workshops, courses or training in some technology, language or tool, to gradually train the team and update their knowledge and skills. This will benefit the company in the development of its future projects.


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