Why people doesn't want to install apps? they have the wrong idea

June 18, 2021


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![enter image description here](https://cms.rootstack.comhttps://cms.rootstack.com/sites/default/files/blog/img/installa.jpg) The market for mobile applications continues to grow, and under this constant technological change is necessary that companies provide all the appropriate tools to meet the needs of customers and stand out from the competition. Mobile applications work as a benefit to companies as they are available 24/7 to meet the direct needs of each user, increasing customer loyalty and retention as a communication channel. On the other hand, some users still do not feel confident with the "mobile era", about downloading applications, online payments, allowing location access and data since they consider that their personal data will be used by third parties or that some applications do not have the necessary transparency or security. There is a percentage of users that continues to form long lines to pay for a service or subscription while the provider has a mobile application to pay immediately from the comfort of their home. **Why rely on mobile applications?** - **Time saving** Time is money, so the use of mobile applications increases enormously. The time savings that an application gives to a user is remarkable and comparable point on the competition. It will prevent you from long lines to purchase a product or service, you can communicate directly with customer service agents in a way that solves your doubts. You will be just a click away from accessing the benefits that the company offers you as a customer. - **Efficient and safe management** All the process that handles from the mobile application will be covered by the company, the security required to have payment functionalities or confidential information will be previously defined and encrypted to protect all type of attack, reducing errors and avoiding to lose clients due to unforeseen failures. The speed of transactions or actions that we perform as a user will never be compared with a visit to a branch or the decision to purchase services. - **Easy administration** The company that owns the mobile application will be responsible for retaining the largest number of customers with a simple and dynamic application. As a user, you can easily manage your profile within the application. - **Total control** The decision to download a mobile application and use its functions regularly will depend 100% of the user, can manage the products or services that maintains with the company, review the history of their payments, receive notifications about their transactions or pending payments and send personalized comments to the company. You will have the support of your trusted provider with the constant updating of the mobile application based on improvements and bug fixes. You will have the option to pay for services, purchase new products, view account statements, send messages, receive reminders and update your information. As users, we will be the ones who make the final decision to manage or not mobile applications in our phones. Security is complemented with technology, if an application does not have optimal security, it would not handle users, its traffic and the number of downloads would be very low. This information will be available within mobile application stores as they have the necessary transparency to let users know the type of application and management that the company has. We can conclude that mobile applications today are an indispensable tool as a channel of communication, sales and customer loyalty that must be taken into account in companies that aim to meet their customers' expectations hand in hand with technological innovation.