June 18, 2021


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What are Workflows? They consist on grouping and ordering all the steps to follow when carrying out an activity within the company. These Workflows are nothing more than standardization in the accomplishment of the tasks, in this way it will always be clear what is what we have to do and what is the next step that has to be given. Process Flows allows us to assign tasks and documents to the appropriate users, ensuring that the work is carried out in accordance with the steps defined and complying with the deadlines established for each activity. Workflow automation provides easy access to your users from their lists of pending and completed tasks, thus guaranteeing the distribution and effective execution of each assigned activity. How can we improve Workflows? Making each element that participates in the flow execute its tasks effectively and efficiently. The elements in a Workflow are: - Chores. - People. - Routes. - Documents or Forms. - Deadlines. - Processes **Process flows can be:** - **Sequential workflows:** are a sequence of steps that are executed in order until completing the last activity and these can be linear or parallel. - **Team workflows:** are a set of states transitions and actions where two (2) or more people participate to achieve the fulfillment of the activity. **What are the benefits of Workflows** - Standardization in the realization of activities. - They allow to detect in a timely manner the tasks that delay the fulfillment of the activities. - Improve control of processes Save time in carrying out activities. Process flows can be used in all companies that want to optimize response times in the realization of activities. In order for a company to improve its workflows, the first thing to do is analyze each of the tasks that are carried out to complete any activity and optimize each step eliminating extra or unnecessary flows, then standardize the completion of each One of the tasks and finally Monitor the compliance of the established steps in order to be able to execute and control the workflows within the company through the use of forms that unify each activity.