Chatbots are nothing but a computer programs or software built to engage with any message they receive, automatically generating a response. In other words, it’s a bot programmed to generate an appropriate response to a specific message.


“Chatbots can be as simple as rudimentary programs that answer simple queries with a one-line response, or as sophisticated as digital assistants that can learn and evolve to offer ever-increasing levels of customization as they collect and process data. information”, explained Oracle on its website.


Although chatbots may seem like a futuristic digital solution straight out of a movie, they are now part of everyone's daily life. Every time you enter an e-commerce and make a query through the chat, you are interacting with a chatbot, for example.


Chatbots are based on Artificial Intelligence, they work with natural language processing and Machine Learning, all this allows them to process data to offer the user an answer according to their question.


How does a chatbot work?


This is the workflow:


  • The user enters a query.
  • The chatbot analyzes the requirement that the user has entered, they explained on the Drift portal.
  • Identify the keywords.
  • Create an answer according to the entered query.
Why do we need an online chatbot?

It is important for companies to have a chatbot to improve the user experience and lighten the workload of teams. Not having a chatbot at hand, users often leave e-commerce satisfied by not getting quick answers to easy questions. Sometimes, they can't even find the address or hours of a physical store, data that a chatbot can easily provide if you ask it.

How do I get started with AI ChatBot development?
  • Identify the purpose your chatbot will have.
  • Decide where you want it to appear, they recommend on the Tidio portal.
  • Choose the platform where you are going to create your chatbot.
  • Design the chatbot conversation(s).
  • Do the necessary tests to make sure that the chatbot works correctly.
  • Train the chatbot.
  • Track feedback from chatbot users.
  • Monitor performance to make future improvements.
How important is an AI chatbot in a company?

They are very useful for companies as they increase the efficiency of operations while lowering costs. They free the internal team from routine work and improve the user experience by offering an immediate response to their request. Chatbots are capable of solving the most frequent problems of users without human intervention.

Today there is a growing need to offer personalized attention to customers, and that is possible through chatbots.