Now everyone is talking about e-Commerce and, yes, they have really completely transformed the world of digital commerce and how companies are marketing their products and reaching more audiences. When we talk about e-commerce, it refers to the act of buying and selling products and services through digital channels, such as web, mobile and website applications.


Although certain technologies that later made electronic commerce possible began in 1994, it was not until the late 1990s that mass Internet access and the implementation of security protocols paved the way for the platforms we know today.


E-Commerce is very beneficial for companies, both small, medium and large, since it allows you to manage personalized content and an unlimited number of products while promoting a user experience tailored to your needs.


The e-Commerce in statistics


Although e-Commerce has been growing progressively in recent years, the pandemic fully accelerated this expansion, forcing traditional companies to digitize their businesses. If there was any that was resisting change, then they must have already become aware of how important it is to have an Internet presence with e-commerce.


In Latin America, the growth of e-commerce has been a boom: according to data provided by the statistical firm Statista, profits from e-commerce in this region will increase by up to 40% between now and 2025, being an area in which definitely all companies have to invest as soon as possible.


The benefit of e-commerce is that users can not only access it from their computers, but also from mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. In fact, Statista also reported in another of its reports that buyers through cell phones exceeded 109 million users, so it is clear that having electronic commerce would expand the horizon of your company and your products much more.


What do customers want in an e-commerce site?


When a user enters an e-Commerce, they are not only looking to buy. He seeks to have an entire experience that not only allows him to buy but also to solve a problem, satisfy a need and even satisfy those needs that he doesn't even know he has.


We explain the types of ecommerce and the similarities and differences between Online Store vs. Marketplace.

What is an e-Commerce?

It is a website through which a company sells and distributes its products and services. It is marketing through the Internet.

Why should I take my business to the Internet?

Selling through an e-Commerce allows you to have a greater reach, reaching a more global audience.

What is the use of having an e-Commerce?

With an e-Commerce, your business will not only reach local customers but from anywhere in the world. In addition, millions of people today do their shopping on the Internet.