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We analyze the functionalities of Shopify and Magento, two of the most successful e-Commerce platforms. Today having an electronic commerce is no longer a luxury, an option, to become a necessity for companies. Online presence is a key factor to increase sales, enhance positioning and reach a larger audience.


Two of the platforms that are dominating the e-Commerce market are Shopify and Magento, since depending on the needs and characteristics of your company, they adapt perfectly to your strategies, plans, and requirements.


Magento, for example, is so flexible and customizable that you can virtually do almost anything with your e-Commerce. It offers a native ERP integration between Magento and other platforms. The loading speed is quite fast and thanks to the Magento SEO tools, you can organically gain positions in the search engines.


As for Shopify, one of the most attractive aspects is that it offers up to 25 payment gateways, including cryptocurrencies. It has customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Plus, updates to the platform are installed automatically, so your company doesn't have to deal with these technical issues.


When is the time to create an e-commerce?


You want your business to be global


Through an e-commerce, you will not only be able to sell your products in your locality or country, but anyone in the world will be able to access your products. They simply have to access your online store and buy it.


You need to minimize expenses


Having a physical store is very demanding: you need to rent a place and hire staff for the store, for which you need to invest. Thanks to digitization, you can create your e-commerce, and sell your products online without renting a place.


You want to position your brand


Your business may be very popular on a traditional level, but if you want to increase your brand recognition you can create an e-commerce that allows you to expand your business and its reach. Now you will not only be known in your city, but throughout the world.


Next, we will explain what the benefits of Shopify and Magento are.

Why choose Magento for your e-commerce?

The world's largest companies use Magento, such as Nike, Samsung, Nestlé and more. They rely on the flexibility and security of this Adobe platform for e-commerce. It is open source, so it can be configured according to the needs of your company. The Magento developer community is huge, so you'll always find support. Magento offers 24/7 support should you need it.

Is Magento a reliable online store?

Magento is a product of Adobe, one of the most reliable and powerful software companies in the world, so you can entrust your business to this service. Magento allows the creation of high-performance e-commerce, is very flexible and will be able to offer a personalized and optimal experience to its users, they explained in Magenticians.

How easy to use is an e-commerce created with Magento?

The experience that Magento offers is exceptional. You will be able to create an intuitive e-commerce, easy to use and understand by your users. The shopping experience on mobile devices is unique.