What is a cyber attack? See what are the most common types

What is a cyber attack? See what are the most common types

All companies must be protected against cyberattacks, to avoid vulnerability in their systems and data. But what is a cyber attack? “It is a malicious and deliberate attempt by an individual or an organization to break into the information system of another individual or another organization. Usually, the attacker looks for some kind of benefit with the interruption of the victim's network", Cisco explained on his website.


There is no day, date and time for cyber attacks: at any time, companies can be victims of these cyber crimes. And what the attackers are most after is demanding a ransom for the data that has been stolen.


Types of cyber attacks




It is malicious software that is installed on systems or computers, causing damage. They obtain information secretly, filtering the data and endangering the stability of the platforms. It alters the normal functioning of the equipment, making it impossible to work with them.


Identity fraud


It is also known as phishing. “It is the practice of sending fraudulent communications that appear to come from reliable sources, usually through email. The goal is to steal sensitive data, such as login and credit card information, or install malware on the victim's machine".


Man-in-the-Middle Attack


“In this method, an intermediary (the cybercriminal or a malicious tool) is introduced between the victim and the source: an online banking page or an email account. These attacks are really effective and, in turn, very difficult to detect by the user, who is not aware of the damage that he may suffer”, Kaspersky pointed out on his website.


Denial of service

A denial of service (DoS) is a type of cyber attack that floods a computer or network so that it cannot respond to requests. A distributed DoS (DDoS) does the same thing, but the attack originates from a computer network.


Password attacks


One of the most precious pieces of information hackers are looking for is passwords or login keys. By gaining access to a company's systems with the correct password, they can steal an unimaginable amount of data.

How can I protect my business from cyber-attacks?



It is software that protects your systems from computer viruses. It detects and eliminates them.




"A firewall is a network security device that monitors network traffic - incoming and outgoing - and decides whether to allow or block specific traffic based on a defined set of security rules", Cisco defined on its website.


Data backup

It is always necessary to have all data and information backed up on hard drives and similar devices so that it can be recovered in the event of any leak or loss.


Encryption software


“Cybersecurity encryption is the conversion of data from a readable format to an encrypted format. Encrypted data can only be read or processed after decryption,” Kaspersky explained.

Which type of cyber attack carries the most serious threat?

“Last year 2021 ransomware was extremely active in this type of malware. By 2022, ransomware is expected to be the most lucrative cybercrime. It is likely to see an increase in this type of RaaS-as-a-service attacks that will focus on data leakage for extortion purposes”, they explained on the Ciset portal.

What are the types of cybersecurity?
  • Hardware cyber security
  • Software cyber security
  • Network cybersecurity
  • Personal cybersecurity
  • Corporate cybersecurity
  • National cyber security
  • Active cybersecurity
  • Passive cybersecurity