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Less is a dynamic style sheet language that can be compiled into cascading style sheets, emulating CSS, and was designed by Alexis Selllier. 



One of the key functions of Slurm is to assign exclusive or non-exclusive access, or sometimes both, to resources to users for a certain period of time so that they can carry out their work. 

aws cloudformation

AWS Cloudformation

Cloudformation works in a basic way: create a template that describes all the AWS resources you want and CloudFormation takes care of provisioning and configuring those resources. Learn more about this technology here.



In detail, GraphQL it can be separated into two parts: the QL, which stands for Query Language or Query Language and this is nothing more than a syntax for querying data with specific parameters. 

amazon ecs

Amazon ECS

Amazon ECS is a fully managed container orchestration service that helps you easily deploy, manage and scale containerized applications. Learn more about this technology here.

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