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Elasticsearch services based on other Rootstack technologies



The company behind Elasticsearch, Elastic, offers a range of services tailored to Elasticsearch. 


Amazon Web Services

AWS takes care of provisioning, scaling, and maintaining Elasticsearch clusters, allowing businesses to focus on their applications instead of managing infrastructure


Microsoft Azure

Similar to AWS, Microsoft Azure provides the Azure Elasticsearch service, a managed Elasticsearch service within the Azure ecosystem. 


Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Google Cloud offers the Google Cloud Elasticsearch service, which is a fully managed service for running Elasticsearch on GCP. 

Reasons to hire Elasticsearch services


It's fast. It is an almost real-time search platform.


The distributed nature of Elasticsearch allows you to scale to hundreds of servers.


The Elastic Stack simplifies data ingestion, visualization, and reporting


Integration with Beats and Logstash makes it easy to process data before indexing it in Elasticsearch.

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