Aspects to consider when doing software development for the banking industry


Software development for the banking industry requires careful consideration of several factors due to the critical nature of financial systems and the need for strong security, reliability, and compliance.


The need to automate processes and transform the customer experience into a simple, useful and efficient operation must be the most important objective of an organization. A team of software engineers can develop innovative solutions on the web, integrations, ECM, Big Data, BI (Business Intelligence), offering high-quality deliverables and following standards of excellence.


At Rootstack, we have successfully developed several projects in the Banking and Financial industry, providing tailored solutions and contributing to the growth of our clients. In our portfolio you will find regional clients such as Unibank, Banvivienda, the Superintendence of Banks of Panama and the Central American Council of Bank Superintendents, among other financial institutions.


A key element for software development in this industry is scalability. We know how to extend reinvestment times, reducing costs associated with system elements, facilitating the integration and centralization of information, and creating a more productive, efficient, and profitable organization.

In this whitepaper we will review these aspects and the reasons why they must be met within any software development project, in addition to the security measures to take when the product is about to be delivered.


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