What is Marketing Automation?

With Marketing Automation, not only is the process of sending promotional campaigns or offers automated, but the client's top of mind about your brand vs. the competition is as well.marketing automation


What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is the use of specific software to eliminate campaign execution tasks that are manual or repetitive. Marketing processes such as the segmentation of prospects, leads or customers, as well as the integration, or completion process, of customer data and campaign management are automated. By automating such processes, this solution enables you to stay in constant contact with potential customers while staying in contact with other customers after the sale.


What are the benefits of automating these processes?

Marketing Automation not only tracks prospects to convert them into sales but also increases the collection of MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads), loyalty, engagement and brand positioning while improving execution times and operating costs. In addition, this solution allows you to reuse campaigns with different leads, which takes a great burden off graphic designers. Automation also gives the marketing team a reliable source of reporting to improve their content and increase impressions. With Marketing Automation, not only is the process of sending campaigns for promotions or offers automated, the customer's top of mind about your brand is automated vs. the competition.


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