Keys to apply outsourcing software in your company

September 16, 2021

Tags: IT Staff Augmentation

See how outsourcing software can help you increase the productivity of your business.


It is frustrating to have a physical business and want to reach the digital market, but cannot simply because you do not know how to do it. We get it: many times technology can be complex and overwhelming, especially for those who are not immersed in this industry every day, like we at Rootstack.


As CEO of a company, you can feel a bit lost in the sea of technological solutions that can be implemented to boost your business. Let's say you run a traditional insurance company and want to move your business digitally. The first deficiency that you will find is the lack of an IT team to tackle the projects since your departments probably only have sales personnel, human resources and insurance specialists.


Keys to apply outsourcing software in your company successfully


In that case, we confidently affirm that the best decision you can make is to implement outsourcing software in your company. It is normal that you have doubts if you have not worked with a technology partner or an IT staffing team before, because it is about including external personnel in your internal team, which can be quite a challenge.




But outsourcing software can be that boost your company needs in that moment of frustration. Do not feel bad if you suddenly need help to get your projects forward: it is valid to ask for support from an experienced team to inject speed and quality into your platforms. Of course, there are certain keys that are essential for this IT staffing service to be successful and not turn into a nightmare.


Be clear about the expectations and scope of the project


It is essential that, before starting the outsourcing software development, both you as a company and the technology partner are clear about what is expected of the project and the scope it will have. Both parties must know with certainty which platform they will develop, what functionalities it will have and which ones will be left out, so that there are no false expectations and disappointments at the end of the project.


Otherwise, for example, it may happen that the partner builds a mobile application with certain functionalities and that the client later asks about others that are not in the project but that he thought were. This kind of confusion is very common when there is no transparent communication about expectations.


Work methodology


There are many staffing companies, trained to develop any type of outsourcing software. Literally, there are hundreds of companies that can suit all types of industries. But beyond the technologies they handle or the fantastic skills they have, it is essential that a partner has their work methodology defined, since that guarantees the client that they develop their projects in an organized and planned way, without improvising each a while.




That the IT staffing team has its processes standardized is a sign of professionalism, since it gives the client the assurance that they will execute the project following a pre-established pattern and that they have solutions in case of any problem.




Poor communication can ruin a work or business relationship forever. Let's see, teamwork is full of complexities: there are several people expressing their ideas and with different perspectives of the same project. Misunderstandings can appear at the speed of light. So, a key so that the outsourcing software development does not fail, is that the client and the technological partner always have a timely and transparent communication.


This can be achieved by establishing standard communication channels: for example, the client and the partner can decide that via email they will discuss the most central topics of the project, using only the chat for more urgent and daily requirements. With this, the communication should be much clearer and it would not be dispersed in WhatsApp messages or unexpected calls.




Adding software engineers and developers to your internal team via IT staff augmentation is a very efficient move since you will only pay for time and tasks performed, which in the end allows you to save expenses. But the culture that these professionals have is very important since they will be integrated into your staff, so they should share values and similar work culture, so the workflow will be positive.


What may be acceptable for one culture is not for another, and precisely those disagreements can lead to communication problems that are sometimes difficult to remedy.




Team integration


Finally, all the previous points contribute to the main purpose of all outsourcing software development: that the client and partner team are integrated working as one to achieve the project objectives. It is a fundamental key for the IT staffing service to be successful since, if this integration does not occur, the two teams will work without a defined north, dispersing the effort without reaching the final goal of the project.


Last but not least, you should not take lightly the choice of the technology partner that will provide you with the outsourcing software service. Even if he is an external collaborator, you must be demanding when evaluating his profile. Analyze who were the clients in the past, what has been the most complex project that he has had to face. All these details will help you find the best partner for your company.


At Rootstack, we have more than 10 years of experience helping various companies boost their digital businesses with our outsourcing software services. Contact us and let us help you transform your company!

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