5 benefits of software development team in your company

July 12, 2021

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software development team


Companies are doing their best to meet the growing demand for technology products and services from users. The workflow has accelerated more and more so that all companies have done everything to cover all operational areas and handle every aspect of the business and the projects they develop. But sometimes it is a daunting task, a context in which the software development team's service can be decisive in achieving success.


At present, the dedicated development team market is in full growth and expansion, a service that has also been stimulated by the context of the pandemic that, practically, led almost the entire society to transfer their work and companies to the Internet and, therefore, to require more services and technological support. In fact, the global outsourcing market could be worth $ 410 billion by 2027, according to a Research and Markets report cited by the Business Wire website.


5 benefits of software development team in your company


The dedicated development team model is a precious alternative to inject speed into your projects, increasing the productivity of the company and allowing your in-house team to focus on fundamental and strategic tasks within the company.


software development team


The software development dedicated team consists of delegating the development of a project to an outsourcing team, taking advantage of the expertise of highly specialized professionals, while internal employees are dedicated to more essential tasks within the organization. The advantage of this work modality is that this team will be totally focused on the project, executing the tasks more quickly and completing the development in record time, without delays.




Without a doubt, one of the most attractive aspects of the software development team is the increase in productivity in company operations. “The agile teams work towards a common goal and are responsible for their tasks. When they work successfully, managed teams can be between 15 and 20% more productive than other types of teams”, explained the Open Learn portal, subscribed to the British institution The Open University.


Autonomy and commitment


These dedicated development teams have the ability to work with total autonomy, managing their own time and schedule based on the project objectives. They take ownership of the tasks to be carried out and are responsible for their fulfillment, always offering reports to the client on progress.


software development team


Agile decision making


In the traditional scenario, many of the delays in the projects are due to the decision-making of those responsible for senior management positions of the companies. In the case of software development teams, being autonomous and self-sufficient teams, they have the power to make the necessary decisions for the project to develop and meet the objectives stipulated by the client. "There is less stress on your managers as decision-making shifts to people who now have the authority to move forward", Sean McPheat, CEO at MTD Training, said in an article.




Something common in the in-house work teams of companies is that they are so divided between several projects and simultaneous tasks, that it is very easy to lose focus and concentration, which translates into delays and failures in the deliveries of the projects. This is not the case with a dedicated development team, as they are usually working on one project at a time, with a special focus on ongoing project tasks. This injects speed and quality into the entire management.


Reduce costs


You can develop amazing projects by investing only what is necessary through a dedicated software development team since the client pays just for the tasks performed by the team. In this way, it is easier to measure how much money was invested in a project and the results of this, without acquiring some kind of administrative commitment with the outsourcing team as a bonus for holidays or seniority, for example.


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