Is Mautic free?

October 27, 2022

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Mautic email marketing is one of the most flexible and scalable platforms in the industry. It is the dream of every company that wants to personalize, to its exact measure, its marketing campaigns and all the tasks of automating routine tasks.


Many companies seek marketing automation solutions, motivated by the desire to simplify marketing and sales efforts while improving the company's interaction with customers. "30% of companies want to minimize manual tasks and 28% want to increase the number of potential opportunities captured," Oracle said in an article on its website.


According to statistics published by Software Path and a study shared by Research Gate, potential opportunities are increased by up to 80% through marketing automation solutions. Additionally, more than ¾ of companies that implement marketing software like Mautic increase conversions.


Marketing Automation Costs: Is Mautic Email Marketing free?


Let's start speaking in a general way: a marketing automation platform allows a cost reduction in this department of up to 12%, according to data from this report carried out in 2020. It also reduces the time that the team spends on manual and routine tasks, being able to dedicate more time to other tasks, which increases the general productivity of the entire company.


mautic email marketing


Regarding the cost of Mautic: yes, it is free, as it is an open-source automation platform. "Mautic is free and will be forever", is the statement made by the creators of this software.


The idea of the creators of Mautic was to build free marketing software to empower all organizations and make their growth possible without worrying about paying for licenses that are often beyond the reach of entrepreneurs.


Mautic email marketing includes the following features without paying a dime:


  • Automatic campaign trigger
  • Campaign management
  • Campaign reports
  • Email tracking
  • Landing pages
  • Mass email
  • Audience targeting



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Mautic email marketing vs. Mailchimp: Pros and Cons


Mailchimp is another of the most popular marketing automation platforms, especially for those who are beginners and need a tool that greatly speeds up processes with a low learning curve.


One of the ways Mautic beats Mailchimp is flexibility. While Mautic gives companies complete customization freedom, Mailchimp is very limited for advanced users.


mautic email marketing


In addition, Mautic allows lead segmentation, SMS marketing, and event handling, features that Mailchimp does not offer. Also, Mautic can be integrated into your CRM, which greatly improves customer management and prospect tracking.


“The best thing about Mautic is its campaign builder. It allows you to create campaigns or workflows with various decisions, conditions and actions. All these workflows are well displayed and easily understandable so that no one faces a problem while understanding how the campaign works”, they explained in an article on the WP Swings portal.




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