5 reasons why you need a digital signature solution

January 15, 2024

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With technology dominating all possible spaces of daily life, companies find themselves in the urgent need to adapt to the needs of their clients, with innovative solutions that attract the technological population, among them digital signatures stand out.


As a definition of digital signatures, ValidatedID, through its VDesigner tool, explains “VIDsigner is an electronic signature service adapted to both in-person and remote situations, which combines cryptography and biometrics to offer a secure way to electronically sign documents and contracts with full legal validity.”


The digital signature allows companies to offer the closing of contracts and legal documents to their clients remotely, without the need to be present in the same room or the cumbersome sending of physical papers.


“A digital signature is a mathematical technique used to validate the authenticity and integrity of a document, message or digital software” they explain in TechTarget, highlighting that this technological solution is reliable and an option that companies should take into account.



digital signature


Reasons why a company needs digital signatures


Implementing a digital signature solution can offer several benefits to a company. Below are five reasons why a business might need a digital signature solution:


Improved security


Digital signatures use encryption technology to protect electronic documents. This ensures the authenticity and integrity of the document, preventing unauthorized access, manipulation or falsification. Provides a higher level of security compared to traditional paper signatures.


Efficiency and speed


Digital signatures streamline the signing process, eliminating the need for physical signatures and manual paperwork. This leads to faster turnaround times for document approval and reduces delays associated with traditional signing methods. It can significantly improve overall workflow efficiency.


Cost savings


Implementing a digital signature solution can generate cost savings for businesses. Costs associated with printing, paper, ink, shipping, and storing physical documents are reduced. Additionally, the time saved in document processing and approval contributes to overall profitability.



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Legal accomplice


Digital signatures are legally recognized in many jurisdictions and comply with various electronic signature regulations and standards. This ensures that digitally signed documents have the same legal validity as their paper counterparts. This is crucial for companies operating in industries with strict compliance requirements.


Audit and accountability tracking


Digital signature solutions typically include audit trail features, which provide a detailed record of the signing process. This trail includes information such as who signed the document, when it was signed, and any changes made to the document. This accountability is valuable for regulatory compliance and internal audit purposes.


A digital signature solution can help improve the security, efficiency, cost savings, legal compliance, and accountability of a company's signing and document management processes.


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Signs that indicate the need for a digital signature solution


A company, as we said before, has to adapt to all trends in order to stay afloat and be relevant to the competition. The need for a digital signature solution is usually anticipated by certain distinctive signs, among which the following stand out:


  • Paperwork Overload: If your business is drowning in paperwork and struggling to manage, store and retrieve physical documents, it could be a sign that a digital signature solution could streamline processes and reduce reliance on traditional database-based workflows. paper.
  • Slow Approval Processes: If approval processes are slow and hampered by physical signatures, mailing, or hand-delivering documents, a digital signature solution can significantly speed up the approval cycle, leading to decision making. Faster decisions and greater overall efficiency.
  • Geographically dispersed teams: Companies with teams or clients spread across different locations may face challenges obtaining physical signatures in a timely manner. A digital signature solution allows remote parties to sign documents electronically, facilitating collaboration and reducing delays.
  • Security Concerns: If your company handles sensitive or confidential information, ensuring document security is paramount. Digital signature solutions offer advanced encryption and authentication features, improving the overall security of the signing process.


These are unmistakable signs that a digital signature solution is what the company needs to accelerate some legal processes and internal hiring flows.


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