In these industries, digital signatures are very useful

December 16, 2021

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Your company cannot continue to be detained simply because a signature is missing from a document or contract. Signatures are a fundamental aspect of a business, necessary to approve some advance or stage of a project, seal commercial relationships, and also to validate any contract or payment. These are procedures that increasingly need to be more agile and independent of the physical presence of the signer. That is why digital signatures have gained notable popularity in recent years, especially in the wake of the pandemic.


More and more companies - regardless of their capital or size - are implementing digital signature software in their workflows to reduce the time they wait for a signature on a document. The important thing is that these electronic signatures are as valid as conventional ones: digital signature online has security and authentication elements that provide maximum security to this process.


In general, when making a digital signature online, the company sends the document to the signer online. Upon entering said document, the platform sends the person a code by mail or text message, to validate their identity. Once confirmed, the person proceeds to digitally stamp their signature and send the document back.


In these industries, digital signatures are very useful


These digital documents are invulnerable since the signer cannot make any kind of modifications: he is simply authorized to sign. So the document remains intact at all times. Digital signature software applies to all kinds of companies and industries, there are no limitations when implementing this type of digital solution.


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Digital signature solutions can be very useful in this field because many signatures are necessary, for example, of consent and other types of documents necessary for the advancement of surgical procedures and treatments. There are many patients who cannot move from one place to another, so digitally signing a document makes their daily life much easier.




In the sales area, e-signature services are especially useful and necessary because they can accelerate the closing of agreements in an efficient and close way, increasing the possibility of attracting not only customers but more partners. Your team will no longer have to "chase" clients or wait for them infinitely to sign: they will simply have to send the contract via email and wait for the digital execution of the signature.


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Human Resources


All Human Resources departments have a highly demanding workflow: they handle recruitment, hiring, entries and exits, handle different procedures such as vacation requests, permits, among others. Each of these procedures require signatures. With a digital signature online, no more delays in hiring or pending vacations: it is so easy and fast to use that it improves the environment at work and the perception that your employees have of the company.


Digital signatures in Banking and insurance sectors


In the case of banking institutions, document signing is an essential part of this industry. When signing new contracts, validating loans and payments, enrolling new clients or processing any procedure, it is essential that it be done through a signature. In a pandemic, many banking agencies stopped offering their services in their physical offices to move the procedures to the online world, so digital signature software made a big difference. Now, with just one click, contracts can be signed without further complication.


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e-signatures in the Education sector


The area of ​​education has always handled high volumes of physical documents, which really make the entire workflow a mess. Physically signing documents that can easily be digitized is a sin. This is where digital signature software can make a big difference, by streamlining the processing of documents such as license plates, payments, file requests, to name a few of the most basic. At the same time, it facilitates the hiring of personnel, purchases, billing, among other aspects.


These are just some of the industries in which e-signature services can completely transform workflows, making them more efficient, faster and reducing project and paperwork execution times.


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