5 things that make a company a great Outsourcing provider

June 18, 2021

Tags: IT Staff Augmentation

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With so many options to choose from when selecting an outsourcing provider, taking the right time before making a decision is a must, otherwise, you could end up collaborating with a company that doesn’t work well with yours.


That being said, when making your choice, it is necessary for you to take a couple of things to consideration, such as recognizing when a company will make a great outsourcing provide and a better nearshore development partner.


To help you make this very important decision, here are the 5 things that make a company a great outsourcing provider, and what you should look for in any outsourcing partner.



outsourcing provider


Sufficient expertise in an outsourcing provider

When looking into a company’s expertise, you should take a look into what’s their business model, what technologies they work with, what’s their technical expertise, and the knowledge they have on the matter.


Keep in mind, a great outsourcing provider is one that knows their stuff, meaning they work with the top technologies and know how to handle all the relevant systems and platforms in order to deliver a great product back to you, meaning the client.


Look for companies who have verifiable experience on their area of expertise. Remember, outsourcing such a huge task as software development requires providers that can handle this responsibility in all the right ways.


How they handle previous projects

There’s nothing that will let you know if the outsourcing provider you’re thinking of is the right pick for you than taking a look into how they have handled previous projects similar to yours.


Usually, a great company should have a portfolio available to show you their previous successful projects and walk you through what they did and how they did it, touching on subjects as to what was the process involved, the stages of the project and how the managed the whole situation to result in a great outcome.


outsourcing provider


A great organizational culture in an outsourcing provider

For a software development process to work out correctly, it is necessary that you and your outsourcing provider have similar organizational culture, meaning both of you work under similar rules.


A great outsourcing provider should be a company or software development team that meets your own standards. Of course, the only way to find this out is by asking them about what’s their work culture and check if they match your own.


You should work alongside an outsourcing provider that strives to be efficient, transparent, responsible, and can work under pressure (Because, whether you like it or not, software development is an stressful process)


The necessary hardware

Knowledge and expertise aren’t enough to bring a software development process to an end, the outsourcing provider you choose has to be one with all the necessary equipment and hardware that it takes to create a software.


Again, this goes hand in hand with the very first point, since the provider should count with the technologies necessary to meet your necessities and deliver a great product.


outsourcing provider


A clean background

Last, but not least, a great outsourcing provider should be a company that has a clean background and record of previous clients available that you can both check and verify on your own.


Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean you have to partner up with a company that has had thousands of clients, but rather with one that has managed to complete all of their projects, and furthermore, deliver what the client was actually waiting for.


Be objective and have a clear idea on your mind and you’ll soon enough realize how easy it is to spot a great outsourcing provider and pick them to be your next partner.


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