Advantages of Jira for managing assets

September 16, 2021

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The amount of documents, lists and spreadsheets that a company handles today is absurd. It is logical since a company manages from hiring documentation and permits to physical assets such as computers, cell phones and tablets, among other types of elements. Surely in your office, you have undertaken the search for a document, taking hours to get it if you find it.


This type of situation causes the work team to lose time and also fluidity in the day-to-day since they stop paying attention to their tasks to look for a document or company asset. This is when Jira comes to the rescue, a platform that allows agile and organized project management. It also has the asset management module focused on efficiently managing all the assets and documents of a company.


How Jira works for asset management in a company


Softwares like Jira Asset Management are useful for all kinds of companies, regardless of the industry they belong to. Just as they serve technology companies, they can also be implemented by clothing companies, insurers, even government institutions.


With these types of platforms, for example, if you need to know who on the team was assigned a certain model of laptop, you only have to go through the Jira database, rather than searching across multiple platforms or disorganized or outdated spreadsheets.


Organize your lists


Many of us know the benefits of Excel and spreadsheets, these tools have helped us to keep remote work in order. But there comes a time when these formats become insufficient for the asset management of a company. Files become heavy, their security is questionable, and they are impractical to integrate with other work systems.




With Jira Asset Management this does not happen: it allows you to import spreadsheets to the platform, saving your most important information and organizing all the lists that you have right now on your hard drive. You can customize these lists by file type and location, making it easier to find assets in the future.


Jira Ticket Plugin


There are several modules and platforms that Jira has developed to streamline the workflow of organizations. They are all associated with each other, that is why each ticket created in Jira can also be associated with an asset — a document, for example — giving the team more context of the tasks to be performed.




Asset history


Each asset has a recent activity dashboard, through which the use and evolution of said asset and in what context can be tracked.




The Jira Asset Management platform is fully customizable. The company that implements it will be able to adjust it to all its needs without any type of restriction, defining the type of asset it wants to store, be it hardware assets, software assets, supplements for other types of equipment, among others.




Pretty safe


This software constantly updates the status and those responsible for the assets, sending notifications when it is necessary to make renewals.



Advantages of Jira Asset Management


  • In a single platform, there is all the information that the team needs.
  • All assets and documents can be consulted by the entire team, no matter where they are.
  • Save money and time since no employee has to track assets: Jira Asset Management is in charge of monitoring all tickets and requests.
  • Teams will work faster on tasks by having the assets they need on hand in this powerful and agile software.


Jira Service Desk Plugin


Why should you consider implementing Asset Management if your company already uses Jira Service Desk? Because it is a complement that enhances the work of the help desk. Ok, you know that with the Service Desk you can organize and manage all the requests and reports of the company. With Asset Management, you can bring more information and context to each of your Jira tickets.


For example, suppose an employee creates a ticket in Jira Service Desk related to a problem with the printer he is using in the office. With Jira's asset management software, you can instantly associate documentation about that print, model, date of purchase, type of ink cartridges, among other important details when troubleshooting a problem.


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