Angular vs React: which one do I need in 2022

April 08, 2022

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In the development of web pages and applications, trends change overnight. Experts in this field must always be aware of the latest technologies and updates, including those designed especially for frontend development, such as Angular and React.


The frontend developer is responsible for the design and implementation of the interface of the web page or mobile application. His responsibility is to make sure that the design created by the web designer works correctly online, for this he uses programming languages ​​such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.


Among the differences between the backend and fullstack, it stands out that the Backend developer is in charge of "behind the scenes" of the application or web page and the Fullstack developer would be a mixture of both, an expert in both parts of the development and who can build an app from start to finish.


Differences between Angular and React


First, each technology needs to be defined. The framework for web artisans is how Angular has been defined by its experts. Angular stands out for offering the developer a good experience while giving you several pretty powerful features as an option, such as deep dependency injection, an expressive database abstraction layer, queues, and scheduled jobs, integration and unit tests, and plus.


React is an open-source library created by Facebook. React, or ReactJS, allows developers to quickly and efficiently create user interfaces by including Java files in their HTML. It is one of the most popular Java libraries in the world and is used by big platforms like Netflix, Airbnb, and even Walmart.


Among its main differences are:


  1. Angular was released in 2009 and React in 2013
  2. Angular is ideal for creating interactive and high user engagement applications, while React is perfect for large applications where data changes frequently.
  3. Angular works with a real DOM, while React uses a virtual DOM
  4. In size, both technologies are small and high in performance.
  5. Angular allows UI design tied to the flat object or property level, while React connects directly to the UI design state.
  6. In data binding, Angular is one way, and React is two way.
  7. Angular's learning curve is steep, being one of the most complicated frameworks for developers to handle, while React is one of the easiest to learn.
  8. In price, both are open source technologies.


These differences between both technologies will give you a clear idea about which one you should choose for the frontend development of your application in 2022. Both will allow you to be within the trends of the moment, but surely one of them has what is necessary for those specific details of your application.


At Rootstack, we have a team of developers who are experts in both technologies, and who have used them to solve the problems presented by our more than 300 clients worldwide. You too can be part of a multicultural team, who are changing the digital landscape with their talent.


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