Benefits of Nearshore Development in Latin America

June 18, 2021

Tags: IT Staff Augmentation, Managed Teams



Nearshore development is the most common way of do software outsourcing nowadays. It’s effective, affordable and allows companies to seek for help outside their own headquarters.


As your own company grows, it is necessary to outsource some processes, such as software development. And there are many qualified companies located in Latin America that are able to help you out.


From adapting to what you need, to help you develop the whole concept, testing it and finally come up with a functional software, nearshore software outsourcing companies are the solution you were looking for.


Open up to a world of possibilities


Many Latin American countries have a great education system, with up to half of their population having a degree in higher education. This means that, when looking for a nearshore software development company in the region, you know you’ll be working with qualified people.


This also means there are plenty of companies to choose from. Of course, this will require you, as a company, to compare each profile to what you are looking for and ultimately pick the one that better suits your company’s needs.




It lowers rate costs


Nearshore development is significantly less expensive than onshore or even in-house development. You are getting to work with a team of experts for an affordable price that actually adjusts to your budget.


This means that, when creating and developing a software, the production costs will be lower than before. Not only you’ll be spending less, but you won’t have to invest in any equipment or licenses to do the job, since the nearshore company will take care of that.


Little to no language barrier


Although people in Latin America are not native english speakers, most people know how to speak, write and understand the english language perfectly. As a matter of fact, people in Latin America themselves appreciate and value great english skills, meaning they are prepared to fluently communicate in english.


Chances are the software outsourcing company or team you choose to work with will speak english perfectly, meaning you don’t really have to worry about language barriers or miscommunication happening.




It increases your company’s efficiency


By working with a nearshore software development in Latin America, you are taking this weight off of your company’s staff, meaning they can continue to keep on working on their regular tasks without being interrupted.


While doing In-House development might result in a complicated tasks that will only slow down your company, by delegating this particular job to a third party, your company will be able to focus on other more important, pressing matters.


Better workflow


Nearshore development in Latin America allows companies from the U.S, Canada and Panama to work fluently with people that are relative close to them. Since there are not dramatically different time zones between each country, and the language barrier is almost non existing, it is likely you’ll be able to work alongside each other smoothly from start to finish.


Nearshore Development in Latin America is the right solution you didn’t know your company needed it. Develop your software in a quick, easy and efficient way working alongside experts, without going out of your budget.


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