In House or Nearshore Development: Which is better?

June 18, 2021

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The process of software development that is efficient and does its work correctly is harder than it might seem. It takes time, effort, resources, and a group of people willing to finish the project.


If your company is currently debating whether you should do the software development process on your own, also known as in-house development, or look for a software development outsourcing company, there are some things you might want to consider first.


In-House software development

Software development is a process that involves every step that it takes to create a final product, which in this case is a software product. From conceiving the idea to developing it, testing it, fixing it, and finally, it finishing it, software development is a long, tedious process.


Companies that choose In-house software development prefer to take this process into their own hands, creating a software on their own, without any help from third parties.


This means the company’s own staff is responsible to go through every step of the process previously mentioned until the software is fully developed and ready to be launched.


software development


Why you should choose In house software development?

No additional costs

By making the software yourself, using staff and resources your company already has, there is no actual need to pay for additional help, which of course, reduces the costs rates significantly.


Better communication


You will be working with people you already know and that are already part of your company. No language barrier, no miscommunication to worry about. Not to mention, if there’s any problem at all it can be solved almost immediately.




Total control of the process


Don’t get the wrong idea, with nearshore development you will also have total control of the software development process, however, since the process will take place at your own company, it’s actually possible, and easier, to keep an eye on how things are evolving and change or correct anything quicker, in case you don’t like it.


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Why you shouldn't choose In-house software development?


It takes up a lot of useful time


Like we previously said, software development is a long, tedious process that will take up a lot of your and your staff's time. Meaning you will have less time to focus on other important tasks.


It takes a lot of people from your team


Building together a team to develop software will naturally set them apart from their usual daily jobs or tasks, which can result in a large part of your own staff being delayed with their other responsibilities.


It takes up a lot of resources


Sadly, when doing In-House software development, you might not only lose time, but valuable resources, which can result in you investing money in necessary equipment to get the job done.


software development


Nearshore Software Development


Also known as Software outsourcing, Nearshore development is based on the idea of hiring a third party (a company that is located in a nearby country or region) to take over the whole software development process from start to finish.


During this time, you will be working alongside a team of qualified experts that will take in your vision and make it happen. It is the most popular type of software outsourcing currently available, and it can bring great benefits to your company.


Why you should choose Nearshore software development?


It is affordable


Since you’ll be working with a company that is located outside your own country, costs are considerably lower than if you were to hire someone from your local area.


software development


It offers you the extra help you needed


Nearshore software development companies allow you to focus on other important tasks your company may have. You won’t have to worry about anything other than supervising everything is going according to the plan.


You’ll be working with experts


Instead of having to train some of your staff or invest precious time preparing them for the work ahead, working with a nearshore software development team gives you access to professionals that know exactly what they are doing.


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Why you shouldn’t choose Nearshore software development?


It is an extra cost


Although it is affordable, and the benefits are completely worth it, hiring a third party to take over the software development process is, after all, an extra costs.


Communication problems


Whether it is due to the fact the software outsourcing company might not be a native english speaker or because the communication channels (emails, chats, phone calls) are failing, communication problems can happen, and they are quite common.


To sum it up, software outsourcing is probably the best option you’ve got. Yes, the prices might rise up the costs rates a bit, but the opportunity of working with a company that expertise in the matter and being able to develop a software without having to compromise the rest of the processes happening in your company, it’s worth the money.


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