The best frameworks to create user interfaces with React.js

March 11, 2022

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React is an open-source library developed by a team at Facebook for creating single-page app user interfaces. This library was born due to a performance problem suffered by the social network application, which had been working with a typical system of links between views and data, but due to a large number of connections between both layers, the performance of the application was affected.


This issue, a very big one for the world's most used social network, prompted a team at Facebook to optimize the way views are rendered based on changes in in-app data. They managed to solve their problem and brought React.js to the world.


If you're working on the backend of your app, but need to start with the frontend and don't have the best design skills, here are some frameworks you can combine with React.js to make this step easier.


5 Best UI Frameworks for Working with React.js


Elemental UI




It is an essential toolkit for creating user interfaces for websites and applications built with React.js. It aims to create a set of functional components that don't need supervision and can be useful on their own or together, all with default styling and flexible theme capabilities. Elemental was designed so that it can be installed from npm and integrated into the project using browserify or webpack.


Ant Design




This framework stands out for offering an enterprise-class user interface design language, ideal for including it in web applications with a set of high-quality React components, and is written in Typescript. It is server-side friendly and works best in modern browsers. Consider the possibility of having to debug JSX and ES2015 code and even transfer the request to mock data.


React Toolbox




A set of React components that uses the Material Design language created by Google and built on top of CSS modules, written in Sass, Webpack, and ES6. It uses the CSS modules to be able to import the style sheets written in Sass.


React Semantic UI




This is the official React.js integration for Semantic UI. In this case, we work with a semantic user interface, which treats words and classes as interchangeable concepts. It is a completely free framework with jQuery and uses a declarative API.






It is a set of React.js components with Material Design guidelines. MUI provides a robust, customizable, and accessible library of core and advanced components, allowing you to build your design system and develop React apps faster.


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